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Season 7

Futuristic Farming: John Deere Ups Yields with AI, Robotics

September 18, 2023


With America’s 330 million farmed acres faced with climate and resource challenges, every seed is precious. Fortunately for Earth and its crops, John Deere is the champion heavyweight for sustainable and highly productive agriculture. Using robotics, artificial intelligence, advanced connectivity and automation, this company is constantly inventing new ways to maximize yields as economically and sustainably as possible. The tech is necessary to help farmers coax as much return as possible from the land they also must nourish and preserve. Discover in this episode of CES Tech Talk how John Deere, a 186-year-old enterprise, innovates futuristically for an ancient profession. John Deere’s manager for tech stack architecture Crystal Wells explains that:

  • Farmers, who are overwhelmingly 55-plus years old, are among the most tech-forward professionals in the U.S. They have to be, given their daily struggles with weather and other variables.

  • John Deere prioritizes AI and robotics in its advanced-tech arsenal. AI underpins sensors that track conditions to constantly adjust machine settings. Robotics counter a shrinking labor force by automating equipment.

  • With 500,000 machines connected today, John Deere intends to connect 1 million more. The data gathered will be used to further improve productivity.

  • For those interested in a tech career, agriculture is a gold mine of opportunity. The sector’s challenge is surpassed only by the importance of its mission, and success depends on diverse perspectives.

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L’Oréal, Because You’re Worth the Tech

September 4, 2023


What’s a beauty company doing at CES, the most powerful tech event in the world? Find out from the expert, L’Oréal’s augmented beauty and tech leader, Guive Balooch. He explains how the best beauty outcomes are far more than skin deep. Advanced engineering and chemistry underpin L’Oréal products so that consumers of all types can look and feel their best. From biotech and synthetic biology to AI and augmented reality, L’Oréal is helping individuals customize how they show themselves to the world. In this episode of CES Tech Talk, you’ll discover that:

  • L'Oréal was founded 110 years ago by a chemist. Today, it’s the largest beauty company in the world with 35 well-known brands.

  • As the dominant player in beauty-sector accessibility, L’Oréal has applied AI to deliver HAPTA and Brow Magic as counters to limited mobility; these devices, respectively, allow users to expertly apply lipstick and shape eye brows.

  • With six years of AI experience, L’Oréal is now poised to explore generative AI as it continues to develop the future of beauty through science and technology.

  • Moving to the metaverse, L’Oréal recently launched a Microsoft Teams collaboration with its Maybelline brand to explore virtual makeup during conference calls. No physical product needed.

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Cloud Control: Unleashing the Future of Gaming

August 21, 2023


First announced at CES 2022, the Samsung Gaming Hub has taken gaming to greater heights in the cloud. Today, it’s a 3000-plus game platform where consoles and controllers no longer separate players from their their favorite interactive adventures. Now with partners including Blacknut and its 700-game library, Samsung has enjoyed a 13-fold increase in the hub’s user base since its launch. In this episode of CES Tech Talk, experts from Samsung, Blacknut and CTA discuss how new audiences are playing games from anywhere, on any device, without worrying about hardware or storage. Listen to Samsung’s Mike Lucero, Blacknut’s Daphné Parot and CTA’s Brian Comiskey as they explore:

  • Gaming’s evolution from a strictly entertainment activity to one that powers deeper social connections

  • The merits of the “virtual console” for creating an interface that’s comfortable for, and accessible to, new players looking for alternatives to traditional consoles and controllers

  • Samsung streaming partners, like Blacknut, that enable lightning-fast access to games that can be accessed instantaneously

  • Advantages the platform provides to producers and content creators seeking new audiences

  • The untapped potential of generative AI in reshaping the gaming industry

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Variety and CTA on Streaming and the Future of TV

August 7, 2023


The TV streaming business is booming, but its future is in question. With two strikes in the broadcast content world, and forecasts of streaming spends north of $45 billion, what’s really happening behind the scenes of America’s top entertainment medium? Untangling the opposing forces behind our favorite shows are two experts on industry intel and research: Andrew Wallenstein, Variety’s Intelligence Platform lead, and Jessica Boothe, CTA research director. They discuss the factors that are shaping streaming experiences, among them the cost to consumers. Episode topics include:

  • Prospects of growth – good, or not so much - in streaming services

  • The content-quantity sweet spot for the streaming consumer

  • Meghan Markle and the revenue potential of old shows that are new to you

  • Ads, sports content and deciphering what audiences want

  • Emerging trends in Millennial and Gen Z content consumption

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On the Fast Track to Autonomous Driving: Mobileye

July 24, 2023


It’s coming your way, and to the highway. It’s an autonomous vehicle (AV) platform that will change the driving experience as we know it. Autonomous vehicle tech company Mobileye is launching a platform that dramatically simplifies transitioning regular cars to operate autonomously. Hear from Mobileye SVP Nimrod Nehushtan as he discusses how far the tech has come in making autonomous driving reliable and feasible. Companies like Volkswagen and Porsche have aligned with Mobileye and the AV-driving future. Should you? Find out. 

In this episode, you’ll: 

  • Get a drivers-seat view of the Mobileye platform as its road tested  

  • Find out what’s in the platform, and how it can be integrated into essentially any car  

  • Better appreciate the technical sophistication involved in bringing safe autonomous driving to consumers 

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A Journey to the Edge of Space 

July 10, 2023


Disproving the assumption that spaceflight is only for the wealthy, this episode of CES Tech Talk tells the story of spaceflight experiences for the general public. Imagine seeing the world from the heavens, free of borders and boundaries, then returning to Earth with a renewed appreciation for our shared global ecosystem. Watch to learn how two companies, Space Perspectives and Base Ventures, are making this a more accessible reality. In this episode, you’ll: 

  • Discover new heights in the travel experience with Space Perspective's unique approach to space tourism  

  • Learn how space travel has the potential to alter quality of life through new adventures  

  • Better appreciate the vital role diverse voices play in sparking innovation, underscored by the Base Ventures dedication to empowering underrepresented communities to become tomorrow’s leaders 

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How Shark Tank Hooked BenjiLock at CES

June 26, 2023


For this entrepreneur, the American Dream came true in Eureka Park at CES. The year was 2020 and Shark Tank scouts were combing the floor, as they’ve done for about a decade, searching for exciting strokes of tech genius. When they met Robbie Cabral, they were blown away. This episode of CES Tech Talk explores how Robbie and his padlock innovation, the fingerprint-activated BenjiLock, made their way to the Shark Tank studio, earning a highly lucrative deal with the show’s “Mr. Wonderful” shark, Kevin O’Leary. Today, the biometric BenjiLock is sold through Hampton Products International, and can be purchased across retail’s top outlets including Walmart, Best Buy, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware and Amazon. Learn what Supervising Casting Producer Mindy Zemrak saw in Robbie, how BenjiLock stood out, and strategies Eureka Park exhibitors can apply as they contend for the Shark Tank spotlight. Could you be next? Find out what it takes, and what to expect at CES 2024.

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Demystifying AI: Insights from Investing and Tech Experts

June 12, 2023


AI is everywhere, and has been at work for years in our social media feeds, navigation apps and streaming platforms. Now, it’s increasingly helping businesses improve customer service, manage supply chains and more. As generative AI through ChatGPT, DALL-E and many others is grabbing headlines, investors are taking notice. Here to explain how AI works and what it means to consumers, as well as to tech indices, are Sara Mehle, Nasdaq index research strategist, and Brian Comiskey, CTA director of thematic programs. In less than 32 minutes, they break the tech down for general audiences and investors: AI at its core is simply a digital utility. It’s a tool that’s only as smart as the people programming its operations and setting its boundaries.

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