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At the intersection of technology and leisure, you’ll find gaming. So, whether you’re a newbie, casual or hardcore gamer, check out the next generation of hardware, software and accessories creating thrilling, experiential events.

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Emerging Business Models in Gaming

While single-game purchases are still a huge industry, there’s been a rise in free-to-play games, in-app purchases, and subscription services. How are gaming companies competing for consumers’ attention, and their dollars?

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Gaming Levels Up, and Into the Metaverse

The U.S. gaming industry engages 164 million users across virtually every social demographic. That’s an increase of nine million new users since 2019. Gaming is a big business driven by ingenious tech that makes experiences deeply immersive, highly accessible and very customizable. Gamers of all ages are flocking to consoles and cloud streaming services, spurring industry innovators to continuously level up their technologies to sate the public’s appetite for new virtual worlds and challenges.

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