Over a busy four days in Las Vegas, Volkswagen showed the world and media that its accomplishments transcend the legacy auto sector. It’s ID.7 sedan promises stellar performance and efficiency with a 435-mile range plus impressive features.

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In high demand across the world’s top auto markets, Volkswagen enjoys both brand loyalty and strong performance ratings. As one of the industry’s top manufacturing enterprises, Volkswagen sales and revenue approached U.S. $300 billion in 2022. With iconic brands that include Audi and Porsche - as well as the popular VW Beetle, Golf, Jetta, Passat, among others – Volkswagen can chart its own course with little risk of losing an adoring public’s approval.
At CES, the company sought to further assert its authority in the EV market toward a more sustainable future. To do so, it made the conscious decision to launch a blowout premier at CES of its newest digital mobility technology. The show’s scope and status for heralding the best in tech innovation made the show a natural choice.
“CES is the biggest tech show in the world, and I think that’s vital for car companies because we want to present our emerging technologies to a wider audience than just the auto field,” said Mark Gillies, Volkswagen director for public relations and reputation.
The electric-auto field is highly competitive, and its players need worldclass avenues for breaking through the noise. Volkswagen succeeded at CES, garnering headlines and attendee kudos with its display of digital mobility acumen, as well as its commitment to sustainability and community.

CES is a great opportunity, both from a business perspective in the networking sense and seeing what's going on in the tech field, and also it's a great opportunity from a media perspective because we see massive media attendance and we see a great deal of coverage.

Mark Gillies
Director of Public Relations and Reputation, Volkswagen

As Volkswagen continues its transition to a software-driven and data-driven provider of sustainable mobility, the company recognizes that it can engage the influential audiences at CES. Since Volkswagen made its first appearance at CES 2015, the company has earned plaudits and awards that swayed stakeholders worldwide.
Fast forward to CES 2023. The Volkswagen ID.7 was among the top attractions at the show. With its new digital user experience and focus on customizable software and digital features, the all-electric sedan models Volkswagen’s goal to heighten interaction between car and customer. 
Volkswagen’s trade show presence, anchored by the ID.7, was head-turning. The vehicle’s unusual camouflage sets it off with vibrant colors and patches of QR codes that cover its exterior. The car design amplifies Volkswagen’s tech and aesthetics mastery with multi-layered paint and interactive features.
“CES is as important as any of the major auto shows,” Gillies said. “And it's the perfect opportunity for us to showcase our latest technology from our various brands such as Volkswagen and Audi, to meet with our partners and suppliers, and to see the emerging technologies that are coming through from other people we might not even be involved with.”
Volkswagen values CES as the number-one showcase for breakout mobility innovations. The venue powerfully framed Volkswagen and the ID.7 as trend setting in their class.
“We keep coming back to CES,” Gillies said, “because it positions us as a tech leader rather than just a legacy automaker.”

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