Stel Life


Stel securely connects health devices to health records. While the company is trusted by major health systems, it sought media attention to expand its reach. At CES, Stel landed meetings with top outlets and digital health trend-setters.

Award-winning Stel Life, a feisty startup in the quickly evolving world of digital health, came to CES to demonstrate that their platform is a vital tool in a turbulent interconnected-care market. In 2023, Stel made its first appearance at CES, and invested further as a sponsor of the event’s Digital Health Studio. There, the company held the spotlight as it hosted leaders from health systems, digital health innovators and device providers.  
For Stel, the impact of face-to-face conversations was vital to conveying the platform’s many advantages in a market where the future is digital.

The effect of being here is the parallel conversations we've had with the various sensor manufacturer companies. Meeting the who's-who of the device network has been priceless for us.

Sid Kandan
CEO, Stel Life

Stel stands apart as a simple and entirely secure solution to remote health monitoring. This is a landscape overburdened by an array of devices and apps. Patients need smart phones or tablets and Wi-Fi connections to access them. On top of that, every app and device requires a custom data integration to the patient’s electronic health records (EHR).
The Stel platform removes complexity from the remote-health-monitoring ecosystem. It’s one hub and one integration point; no apps, screens or Wi-Fi are needed. Patients plug in the hub and use their own device, free of Bluetooth and many other complications. Data is transmitted over major cell carriers’ lines to Stel, and Stel sends it to the patient’s EHR platform in real time.
This is an experience imparted most effectively by demonstrations and face-to-face discussions. Stel achieved that at CES because its leaders at the show were able to comprehensively address specific concerns and challenges represented by the tangle of network configurations too typical in the digital health sector.
“Being able to share your story, articulate it, show a busy executive in a quick passing what you've been working on, allows them to just ruminate and start ideation of how they can work and better collaborate with you in the future,” Kandan said. “It's a pretty magical experience.”

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