Panasonic came to CES to showcase its innovations designed to improve human wellness and the health of our planet. A perennial exhibitor, Panasonic drew huge attendee and media audiences while getting business done for a strong return on investment.


Global Media Impressions

A titan of consumer electronics, Panasonic is a welcome presence in millions of consumers’ homes, hearts and workplaces. The company’s tens of thousands of products range from home appliances and domestic equipment to batteries and electronic components, and to systems for manufacturing and logistics. Its markets include consumer and business products and solutions for entertainment, communications and much more. With more than 20,000 employees in the U.S. alone, the Panasonic impact can be seen and felt wherever people live, shop, dine, play and work.
Panasonic is now intent on healing the ills of people and planet Earth, a bold initiative it chose to broadcast at CES. The company recognized that CES stands alone as a messaging forum with global reach.
“There is no other place in the world where the media show up ready to listen and learn,” said Megan Pollock, Panasonic VP of branding and strategic communications.
The media, among other audiences, were rewarded with an array of Panasonic experiences and demonstrations. From the latest in energy-efficient lifestyle products to a carbon-neutral town and advanced e-mobility for electric vehicles and roadways, Panasonic made its case.

The consolidation of what is happening here [at CES]. The amount of meetings, the amount of influencers, the amount of networking, the amount of storytelling that we do in four days when we’re here. We cannot recreate that anywhere.

Megan Pollock
VP of Branding and Strategic Communications

In 2023, Panasonic’s booth contained four focus areas — Park, Town, Mobility and Home. Designed to simulate a greener and more connected world, the booth exhibited Panasonic’s solutions for wellbeing, community safety and sustainability in line with its Green Impact initiative. As laid out in the Green Impact plan, Panasonic will achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, recycle virtually all factory waste by 2024, and attain several other green milestones by 2050.
At CES, the Green Impact vision was expressed through an immersive online journey. Visitors were invited to engage in digital quests across a virtual reality (VR) environment. They collected badges and answered calls to action toward worldwide reforestation. In partnership with One Tree Planted, Panasonic vowed to plant a tree for every person who collected all four badges during the experience.
In addition to Panasonic’s booth zones, the company’s presence at CES included live-streamed talks and a press conference. The “Tech Talks” returned for a third year in 2023 to provide insights on net-zero goals, improved indoor air quality and more.
Panasonic enjoyed real star power at CES. As in the past, each aspect of the company’s CES participation captured and captivated global audiences anticipating the company’s next big thing. It met expectations, and continues to do so.
“Panasonic is always at CES,” Pollock said. “We have been here for over 50 years. We have never missed a show and we are very proud of that because this is the place to be as a technology company.”

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