MedWand chose CES to display a handheld device consumers can use to compile their own vital statistics for telehealth consults. As a result of meetings and demos at the show, the world has seen how MedWand is changing healthcare accessibility and outcomes.


Media Impressions

During the pandemic, few technologies proved more essential than those for remote healthcare. Telemedicine helps limit rates of infection while removing barriers to treatment and accurate diagnoses. For care providers, remote patient monitoring can improve, for example, clinical insight on patients’ status between office visits. It can also ease heavy workloads because patients are better equipped to proactively contribute to their own care.  

Since its founding in 2014, MedWand Solutions has been transforming the telemedicine experience. The company’s team of clinicians and medical engineers offer software, systems and devices to help practitioners and patients achieve superior health outcomes without a face-to-face at the doctor’s office. The company came to CES for the world to see its solutions to telemedicine’s central obstacle: The lack of patients’ vital data at the point of consultation. 

When MedWand displayed its latest products, and launched the Urban-Rural Healthcare Alliance at CES 2023, attendees and media took notice. The media response, in particular, far exceeded executives’ expectations. 

“We [issued] three press releases over the course of the show,” said Bob Rose, MedWand president and CEO. “We’re just now approaching one billion impressions from those press releases. The reverberation from that, frankly, continues to today.”  

MedWand’s interactive booth featured the company’s advanced technology and its MedWand handheld device that patients use to take their own health readings. These include heart, lung and abdominal sounds, as well as core temperature readings. They can even self-administer electrocardiograms. Complementing products and software at the booth, MedWand also displayed robots and four massive interactive pods where visitors experienced virtual consultations from far-flung venues such as aboard a ship. 

“This year, coming to CES was a completely [new] paradigm for us because we’re now on the market,” Rose said. “So, CES was very important to us as a product-launch platform.”  

A 2023 CES Innovation Award honoree, MedWand showcased the latest developments of its award-winning, FDA-approved device and software platform. It did so inventively by transporting attendees to different physical locations via interactive telemedicine stations, live remote examinations and daily educational presentations from the company’s 2,500 square-foot booth. The effort was rewarded as booth staff and company executives fielded questions from, and shared information with, attendee throngs. 

In my 30-plus years of attending CES in various roles for several companies, I can honestly say that this was, from an exhibitor perspective (as MedWand, but honestly with any company), the best CES ever.

Robert (Bob) Rose
President and CEO, MedWand Solutions, Inc.

As a result of MedWand’s presence at CES, the company’s profile has been raised to the stratosphere. CEO Rose pointed out that articles were published in multiple countries: More than 1000 in the US, 14 in Canada, 15 in the U.K., 14 in Mexico, 20 in Korea, 12 in India, and more in Norway, South Africa, Spain, China, Switzerland, and elsewhere across the globe. MedWand’s story also was broadcast on major news networks. Moreover, MedWand began talks with major health systems in the U.S., Asia and beyond interested in piloting the company’s technology. 

“This is the show that keeps on giving,” Rose said. “CES has a reputation of doing that. This is where the world comes to see what’s coming next. It really is the platform for new tech. We want to align ourselves with that.”  

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