HYPERVSN launched its 3D holographic display system at Eureka Park, and the international business leads, media coverage and investors have kept them coming back to CES as their company has grown.


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With a cutting-edge solution for creating and displaying holographic content you can use anywhere, HYPERVSN is out to revolutionize the way people display and advertise.

HYPERVSN is a set of connected software and hardware products that display 3D graphics without any wearable equipment. The holographic visuals appear to be floating in mid-air, and the hologram library is managed through their proprietary cloud platform.

“What we have done — we have disrupted the industry,” HYPERVSN cofounder Art Stavenka says.
At CES 2016, the London-based HYPERVSN launched its product in Eureka Park, and they received more than 7,000 inquiries from 97 countries from that event.

“We had a really small booth, but we had thousands of people — rows and rows of people — queueing and looking at us, so it was a great experience,” HYPERVSN cofounder Kiryl Chykeyuk says.

Also during their first CES, HYPERVSN attracted the attention of investor Mark Cuban, who stopped by their Eureka Park booth and was interested enough in their pitch to leave his email address. Because of CES, Mark Cuban is one of HYPERVSN’s investors today.

Whether you are a startup or a global giant, CES is definitely a must-visit. There is no other tradeshow worldwide that can offer the same spectacular media coverage and record-breaking attendance.

Kiryl Chykeyuk, Co-Founder

HYPERVSN has grown significantly since its first year at Eureka Park, securing an exhibit space at CES 2019 at the entrance of LVCC South Hall for their fourth year and attracting thousands of new clients and investors.

“We are presenting at CES the best of what we’ve been developing for the last year, and we invite all of our partners here from countries worldwide,” Stavenka says.

HYPERVSN uses CES to raise awareness about their product, test the market for new technologies, gather market feedback and talk to their customers — both prospects and clients.

“We come to CES every year because we meet a lot of customers,” says Chykeyuk. “For direct clients who we’ve been in contact with for the past year, CES is really the place to meet them and talk them through the business.”

Though the team showcases at roughly 20 events annually, CES is their biggest event of the year and provides the business opportunities they are looking for as they continue to disrupt the industry.

“CES has brought us partnerships, media coverage and investors. The results are pretty much everything a company can wish for,” Art Stavenka says. “We will be coming back for our best event of the year.”

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