Siemens Keynote, CES 2024: Combining Real, Digital Worlds

Overview Siemens AG, the global company focused on industry, infrastructure and transport, returns to CES 2024 for a keynote by President and CEO Dr. Roland Busch. A major exhibitor, Siemens has a history of solving challenges of product design and deployment, and innovating applications for deep-sea gardening and carbon-neutral space voyages. He’ll discuss benefits of blending the real and digital worlds, including the emerging industrial metaverse, for a more innovative and sustainable world.

Today, Siemens products touch virtually every aspect of our lives. They help speed products to market, lower development costs and risk, and minimize waste while countering obstacles to efficiency. Employing more than 300,000 across the globe, and with 2022 revenues approaching $76 billion, the company operates from hundreds of locations in 190 countries and is one of the largest technology companies in the world. Using its hardware and software expertise, Siemens works to improve the quality of life for millions of people in nearly every walk of life.
From the software that’s used to design your car and cellphone, to optimizing the supply chains that deliver your manufactured goods faster, to building new high-speed rail and hydrogen train systems, Siemens leans into a 175-year history of innovation to create technology with purpose. For example:
  • Siemens has led the world through three industrial revolutions and is now leading the fourth. One milestone was hit in 1957 when Siemens introduced the world’s first mass-produced transistorized computer, known as the 2002 computer system. The product paved the way for wide use of electronic data processing in a vast range of fields.
  • Today, Siemens digital twin technology with automation, robotics, AI and IoT pushes the limits of design and construction, optimizing 3D and simulations that speed manufacturing. This was evident in the company’s role helping NASA land the first rover on Mars.
  • The Siemens continued commitment to digital evolution was evident with the 2022 launch of Siemens Xcelerator, an open digital-business platform created to accelerate digital transformation across diverse industries. This portfolio, comprising integrated software and services, is known for liberating the creative potential of inventors, companies and entrepreneurs by streamlining experimentation, prototyping and simulations through digitalization. 
  • And, finally, at CES 2023, Siemens simulation and digital twin technology enabled the experience of going into space via the Space Perspective balloon that closely simulates a voyage to the heavens. Learn more about the Space Perspective experience, as well as Siemens work with the Nemo’s Garden biosphere, in this article.
CTA announced on October 16 that a CES 2024 keynote will highlight the Siemens vision for the future of industrial technology, and even how that extends to pioneering the forthcoming industrial metaverse. The discussion will showcase the digital technologies that enable companies to transform the everyday, and will show the world innovations underscoring its commitment to societal wellbeing through technology and human security.
Sustainability is a key part of Siemens’s strategy, one that’s embedded in the company’s core operations, investments and governance. As of 2022, Siemens saw a 46% CO2 reduction in its operations since 2019. Ambitious targets include a 55% physical CO2 reduction by 2025, and 90% by 2030.
The Siemens commitment to sustainability is evident not just in its own supply chain. The company is providing the necessary software, blockchain, AI and other technologies to ensure customers can also make their own operations more sustainable. One example Siemens showcased at CES 2023 was 80 Acres Farms. Siemens and 80 Acres are working to create a more sustainable approach to farming through digitalization and automation, as well as vertical farming. This process uses 95% less water than traditional farming processes, is powered by 100% renewable energy, eliminates pesticides and can even yield 300 times as much food per square foot.

Our technologies operate behind the scenes enabling everyday life—in the factories that create the cars we drive, in the buildings where we work, in the grids that feed green energy to our cities and in the trains that connect them.

Roland Busch, President and CEO
Siemens AG

Don’t miss the Siemens keynote when the company returns to Las Vegas January 9-12. Siemens joins L’Oréal, Walmart and Nasdaq as CES 2024 keynotes, with more announcements to come. Look for the Siemens keynote at 6:30 p.m. PT, January 8, in the Palazzo Ballroom at the Venetian. Register for CES 2024 today.  

This keynote presentation can be viewed on demand here.

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