Sustainability Tech on Display at CES 2024

Overview As more companies commit to countering global warming and minimizing waste, technologies to these ends are quickly coming online. Here’s a look at what has attracted attention at CES. Stay tuned for updates as the show continues to take shape.

Threats to the planet’s ecosystems and climate are meeting intense resistance across the technology landscape. Building on last January’s momentum, CES 2024 is poised to unveil ingenious answers to pollution and diminishing resources. With months to go before the 2024 event, CES already is teeming with sustainability submissions for Innovation Award honors. Hundreds of companies have booked exhibit space to demonstrate their solutions to clean energy and other challenges. You’ll find them across Eureka Park, the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and beyond, with their themes amplified via conference programming and more.
As preparations continue for CES 2024, January 9-12, sustainability is a top priority. Here’s a quick take on sustainability highlights.  

Green is Golden at CES

CES 2024 will again spotlight sustainability initiatives in a continuation of last January’s overarching theme, Human Security for All. The objective is to advance awareness of sustainability’s role in safeguarding mankind’s wellbeing. More information on this front will be forthcoming as CES season progresses. In the meantime, a short list of conservation measures in evidence at the show in years past includes the following.
  • Most promotional material is electronic versus printed
  • CES donates surplus food to area food banks, and uses food containers and utensils made of biodegradable materials
  • Frying oil is recycled for use as biodiesel
  • Fleet vehicles are 90% powered by propane or battery
  • Following CES 2023, three truckloads of furniture, electronics and supplies were donated to Goodwill and Opportunity Village 

Cool Energy Tech for a Hot Planet

Most exhibitors at CES need little prompting to conserve. Some go above and beyond. For CES 2023, 29 companies received 35 Innovation Awards for their tech contributions to sustainability. Many of these businesses will return to CES 2024. Among them are CTA member companies, including these four, with a mission to maximize clean energy.

Baracoda Daily Healthtech: Booth 900, Venetian Expo
This company received Innovation Award honors at CES 2023 for BHeart, the world's first self-sustaining health tracker. The wrist-worn device can operate continuously drawing energy from body heat and environmental light. The wearable is a handsome watch band that’s compatible with standard watches. Energy-harvesting tech powers the device’s heart sensor and accelerometer to provide insights into the wearer’s activity level, sleep quality, time outdoors and more. 

Infinitum: Booth 200, LVCC West Hall
Earning dual honors with Innovation Awards for its motor technology, Infinitum designs for efficiency. Pictured here, the company’s Aircore EC (electronically commutated) was recognized for combining lightweight and reusable materials with a modular design. Its motor delivers power with far less weight and noise than traditional alternatives. Aircore Mobility from Infinitum received honors for its highly efficient motor designed for driving, sailing or flight. It generates higher power density with half the weight, size and noise of traditional motors.

Jackery Inc.: Booth 9815, LVCC North Hall
Offering a range of portable and renewable energy products that power camping shelters and the like, Jackery received four Innovation Awards at CES 2023. Among these was the highest honor for the sustainability category, Best Of Innovation, recognizing the company’s LightTent-AIR inflatable tent. The solar-powered shelter affords 24/7 access to green energy. Waterproof, flame-retarding and heat-insulating, the tent provides 1200 watts to power, with charge storage modules, for a reliable energy supply.

Zendure USA Inc.: Booth 600, Venetian Expo
This company’s SuperBase V earned Innovation Award recognition as the industry’s first plug-and-play energy storage system. Zendure’s home system, with semi-solid state batteries, delivers 120 volts and 240 volts simultaneously, and is expandable to a capacity of 6.4 to 64 kilowatt hours. Equipped with motorized wheels, this highly portable energy system employs IoT for voice control and remote management.


Join CES to experience the latest in sustainability. Discover how eco-friendly tech can enable significant returns through lowered costs when energy is conserved. Get CES registration info here.

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