Official CES Vendors and Notice of Solicitations and Scams

As the owner and producer of CES, CTA has contracted with designated vendors to support the exhibitor and attendee show experience. Please be advised that the Official CES Contractors and Vendors are listed below and, unless you have arranged or been otherwise informed by CTA, only these vendors should contact you regarding your CES Participation:

Official CES Vendors and Contractors

  • COP Security
  • DSV Fairs & Exhibitions
  • Encore (A/V Services)
  • Expo Event Services
  • FedEx Office
  • Freeman Expositions and Exhibit Transportation
  • International Exhibitor Representation Program
  • Map Your Show
  • Maritz (registration)
  • OnPeak (accommodations)
  • Oscar & Associates (photography)
  • Rainprotection Insurance
  • Rhode Planning Management Services
  • Spring Valley Floral

Solicitations and Scams

CES has acquired global brand recognition and, unfortunately, attracts the unauthorized use of its name and logo by companies soliciting our exhibitors and attendees. Companies posing as official CES vendors may contact you offering services or promoting products using the CES name or brand.

Further, you may receive solicitations from organizations at various “b2b” or “sales lead” organizations prompting you to purchase a CES attendee list. Unfortunately, these types of sites and solicitations increase around CES and other major trade shows each year. CTA does not sell or otherwise make publicly available the CES list of attendees.

We encourage you to verify credentials prior to doing business with any organization from which you may receive an unexpected prompt for services.