Exhibitor Manuals

CES 2024 target freight floorplans are available now. Additional show planning tools and resources for exhibitors will be added in the coming months. 

Beware of Solicitations and Scams: As we get closer to CES, you may receive an email soliciting you to “Buy the CES 2024 attendance list.” Unfortunately, these types of solicitations are sent as mass emails every year in the weeks ahead of CES. This is a scam operation. CTA does not sell or otherwise make publicly available the CES attendee list. You will only receive emails from CTA staff or official CES vendors listed in your Exhibitor Manual. View the Official CES Vendors and Notice of Solicitations and Scams.

The CES 2024 manuals are live. Please navigate to the appropriate venue to find your Exhibitor Manual.

Exhibitor Manuals

CES 2024 Hospitality Suite Guides

Target Freight Floorplans

Exhibitor Appointed Contractors

Exhibitor-appointed contractors (EACs) are any non-official vendors hired by exhibiting companies. Click here for CES 2024 registration.

Exhibitor Checklist

The Interactive Exhibitor Checklist can be found in your Exhibitor Dashboard. The Exhibitor Checklist is now live.


If you need any assistance, please contact the CES Operations team or Freeman.