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The Dish on Food Tech Ahead of CES 2024

Overview The food business today is about more than what’s for dinner. Now, companies are discovering – and delivering – technologies for smarter ways to feed more people more sustainably. Food tech innovation returns to CES 2024 January 9-12. Exhibitors will include agriculture tech pioneer John Deere, prominently showcased last January, as well as startups that continue to invent ways to improve distribution, decrease waste and extend freshness. Read on for what’s ahead.

But first, some context on tech relative to global food supply. According to the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization in its agricultural outlook for 2021 to 2030, technology-driven increases in crop yields are expected to account for 88% of the overall expansion in crop production to 2030. These increases will come largely from tech that optimizes the application of water, fertilizer and agri-chemicals. Precision farming, hydroponics and vertical crop technologies are among the developments that promise to dramatically increase land, labor and water productivity for transformed agricultural production.
Technologies like these are getting the CES spotlight they deserve for a more secure, sustainable and well-fed world. As the 2024 event takes shape, trends in food-prep efficiency and waste reduction are emerging across the startup stage. Look for these food-tech innovators (also CTA members) at the Venetian.


Returning to CES 2024, Samsung is a serial Innovation Award winner that consistently earns attendee and media applause for smart kitchen solutions and food tech. At CES 2023, Samsung’s smart kitchen tech included the Bespoke AI Oven with a camera and artificial intelligence inside. It’s designed to operate like a virtual chef to assure optimal cooking operation and outcomes.
Busy eco-conscious consumers can also thank Samsung for the Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with Family Hub. The fridge keeps food fresher longer through a raft of features. These include customizable storage space with five adjustable settings. A built-in deodorizing filter self-cleans with UV technology as it wards off odors. The Wi-Fi equipped refrigerator is Energy Star-rated. Through the Samsung Family Hub, the refrigerator also helps minimize food waste and maximize smart grocery shopping. Look for Samsung at CES 2024 across several spaces in Eureka Park and elsewhere at the show.


U.S. company Suvie is a fast-growing tech startup that’s making meal prep easier, more cost effective and eco-friendly. The Suvie system includes the Suvie Kitchen Robot and starch cooker for pasta, potatoes and more. The counter-top appliance refrigerates and switches to cooking for simplified meal prep. It can, for example, rapidly defrost frozen food, then cook it for you. The Suvie includes controls for sous vide, slow cook, and cool to cook which refrigerates food then switches to cooking. It’s equipped with top and bottom ovens, a water chamber, and a smart control system for cooking presets or scheduled cooking via an app. Suvi also offers weekly meal kit deliveries.
The company’s technology promotes a range of health and other benefits associated with cooking at home. These meals are more likely to consist of fresher and higher-quality ingredients with fewer additives. They also typically cost less than other dining options. Moreover, making food at home promotes sustainability. It allows the home meal planner to source sustainable ingredients and use less energy while reducing food and packaging waste. Suvie will have meeting and hospitality space in the Venetian Tower.

Yo-Kai Express Inc

Silicon Valley-based Yo-Kai Express is a food-tech innovator that offers an autonomous restaurant platform. The platform made its 2022 debut in Tokyo at spots in Japan’s Haneda Airport. It serves contactless, freshly-prepared meals 24 hours a day. According to the company, its machine prepares hot ramen noodles on demand at locations throughout the U.S. that include airports, hotels, hospitals, businesses, universities and conference centers.
Yo-Kai serves freshly-prepared noodles in six varieties in 90 seconds. Fresh ingredients are locally sourced. The company’s ramen vending machines are designed to serve as autonomous mini restaurants with a far smaller carbon footprint than traditional alternatives. Visit Yo-Kai Express at booth 50117.
For the latest in food tech at CES, this overview barely scratches the surface. Expect to be amazed when CES returns to Las Vegas January 9-12. Get registration information here.

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