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Tech for Your Pet: Spotlighting 3 CES 2024 Exhibitors

Overview For many, pet care is human care. Ample scientific and anecdotal evidence suggests that pets may surpass meds at improving the odds for a longer, healthier life. Recognizing the implications for human wellbeing, the tech industry is delivering products that simplify and ensure sound pet care. Three exhibitors are among those committed to pet welfare. Look for them when CES returns to Las Vegas January 9-12.

A dog – or cat – a day helps keep the doctor away, as many pet-oriented headlines assert. And science supports the claim. The American Hearth Association concluded in a 2019 study that dog ownership can reduce early death from any cause by 24%. As for cat owners, you may benefit from a 30% lower risk of death by heart attack. So suggests research from the University of Minnesota, born out by other heart-health findings from the National Institutes of Health.
Pet-tech products will be on display again at CES in 2024. Take a look at three companies that are among others showcasing their inventions for keeping pets and their families safe, fit and happy. They remove many of the obstacles that complicate, or sometimes inhibit, pet care and ownership. From your smart phone, know where your pet is, and let machines handle scooping, feeding and indoor-outdoor access.    


Booth 8463, North Hall

CTA member and CES 2022 Innovation Award winner Invoxia returns to CES to display its latest innovations in GPS tracking and AI-enabled IoT. The company’s Smart Dog Collar anchors offerings that protect what consumers value most. The award-winning device is the tech industry’s first canine biometric-monitoring collar that can monitor health while tracking your pet’s whereabouts in real time. Described in one headline as the Apple Watch for your dog, the Smart Dog Collar is lightweight and painless with long battery life.
Complemented by an app, the collar can alert for hard-to-spot maladies such as heart and respiratory issues. The device’s locating tech blends Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS to help owners track not only their pet’s location but its specific activities. 


Booth 50923, Venetian Expo
Officially launching at CES 2024, the Pawport pet door may change your mind if you’ve ever resisted pet ownership because of dog-walking or other indoor-outdoor responsibilities. Pet owners with or without a doggie door will appreciate this smart-home option for obtaining a safe, secure and attractive access point for their pet.
The Pawport slides over existing pet doors easily and securely. For homes without a pet door, Pawport offers a system that combines with the Pawport electronic door. It’s weatherproof and highly tamper resistant with solid steel and aluminum construction for a tight seal. A small tag that attaches to the pet’s collar signals the door to open or close. The tag is waterproof, rechargeable and range-adjustable from the Pawport app. Owners can even schedule when their pets may enter or exit, anytime and anywhere, from their smart phone.


Booth 52046, Venetian Expo
Cat owners, smart-home exhibitor Whisker advises that you need never scoop again. This maker of the Litter-Robot litterbox solution also offers the Feeder-Robot to assure your pet doesn’t miss a meal. Litter-Robot is an automatic and self-cleaning litter box with the added benefit of limiting odor. It’s Wi-Fi enabled so that users can track litter levels. The device can accommodate up to four cats.
Whisker also takes care of meal time for your cat or your dog. The company’s Feeder-Robot allows owners to automatically set portion-controlled meal schedules from the app or the device. Trial it for 90 days, in home, after purchase. Attendees to earlier CES shows may have already seen Whisker; the company returns to CES 2024 after appearances in 2016 and 2022. Expect to see more convenience and care features this January.
These companies and others will demonstrate what’s new, and what’s next, when CES returns to Las Vegas. Register today to see them in January 9-12. And it’s not too soon to begin planning your visit. Check out exhibitors and visit these pages often for updates.   

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