Artificial Intelligence

AI in Action: How Select Sectors Use the Tech

Overview AI tools are advancing consumer products and evolving user experience. As we look forward to CES 2024, here are four sectors, and a sampling of CTA members, that are using artificial intelligence to shape the world and change lives. AI will be on prominent display at CES 2024, as will be some of these member companies.

AI capabilities are becoming more integrated into many aspects of our everyday life. Consumer technology companies are using AI to develop products and services that are more intelligent, responsive and personalized to the needs of their customers and other users. Agriculture, accessibility, healthcare and semiconductor businesses are among those incorporating AI to help solve efficiency and societal challenges. Here’s a quick look at a few industry use cases featuring a few CTA member companies that illustrate how brands are adopting and deploying this promising technology.


AI in agriculture helps farmers detect diseases in crops more efficiently.
John Deere’s advanced agricultural technology, See & Spray Select, uses AI and computer vision to target and detect only green plants, and to apply herbicides. Its technology helps to reduce chemical use, promoting more sustainable farming practices.


AI innovation in accessibility has helped create more equitable solutions for people with disabilities, giving individuals more freedom and independence.
OrCam develops wearable AI devices to help individuals with visual impairments. Advanced assistive technology devices help users read text, recognize faces and interact with the world more independently.
Vispero is another company incorporating AI to help visually impaired users. Vispero offers a range of products and software, including screen readers and magnification tools, to enhance accessibility. Vispero is committed to empowering users to gain an education, obtain employment, succeed professionally and live independently.


AI is revolutionizing healthcare, giving consumers the tools they need to improve their wellness, and to help save user and patient lives.
Shyld AI uses AI to help hospitals and healthcare facilities prevent patient infections via AI-enabled UV-C disinfection. Shyld AI devices help stop infectious pathogens from spreading in healthcare facilities. Its interactive and in-depth UV-C disinfection enhances patient safety, reducing the chance of re-admission.
Valencell focuses on chronic disease management, developing products that are “intuitive, accurate and easy to incorporate into everyday health routines.” Valencell uses patented biometric sensor technology. The company applies proprietary algorithms and analytics to develop digital health solutions used by third-party wearable devices.


Semiconductor chips incorporating AI help with manufacturing and quality control, design automation, and analog and mixed-signal design.
AIStorm, as will be seen at CES 2024, specializes in analog and mixed-signal AI solutions. The company develops custom AI chips with AI capabilities built directly into the sensor, leading to faster and more efficient processing for numerous applications and products, including those for food service automation.
Increasing innovation in AI can further global problem-solving more efficiently and sustainability, improving daily life for all. AI will be ALL ON at CES 2024. Be there to see what’s new, and what’s next. Register today

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