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CES 2024 Sector Trends: Smart Home

Overview Increasingly, home is where the tech is – and where it’s making a particularly profound impact on consumers’ quality of life. AI, IoT and other technologies are helping our loved ones age in place comfortably and securely. Families can more easily automate appliance performance to exacting specifications. The trend is convenience, safety and sustainability. Press a button or turn a dial to control lights, window shades and more. See the tech behind it all at CES 2024.

Because today’s homes are consumers’ castles, and probably their biggest investment, an entire tech sector is innovating to help homeowners customize their residences through a raft of smart home solutions. Energy efficiency and automation are top trends in this sector, with consumers favoring products that save time and money while improving security and overall wellbeing. Homeowners are increasingly embracing connected appliances that can be controlled remotely for better energy management. 

What’s Hot for Smart Homes

As born out in CTA research, thes pursuit of energy conservation and seamless connectivity is driving the latest product debuts, collaborations and startup launches. It’s emblematic of the evolving landscape of the modern smart home. Consider a few representative statistics reported in CTA’s 2023 U.S. Consumer Technology Ownership and Market Potential Study:
  • For U.S. households, the total installed base of devices in the Smart Home category for 2023 was 432.6 million units.
  • Some 19% of U.S. householders own a smart appliance such as a refrigerator, washer, dryer or dishwasher. There are 37.7 million smart appliances like these as of 2023.
  • To help protect the home, 25% of U.S. householders own a smart home security camera. There are 55.8 million smart home security cameras in U.S. households as of 2023.

What to See in Smart Homes at CES 2024

With scores of popular brands and startups exhibiting their breakthroughs in smart home technology, it may be a challenge to see all of them at CES 2024. To help you plan your path across the many show venues, the Exhibitor Directory simplifies searches. Find what you’re looking for by selecting keyword, category, exhibitor name and more options.

Among the hundreds of companies exhibiting in the Smart Homes and Appliances category, three exemplify solutions and tech that are trending: AgeTech Collaborative from AARP, Flic for “smart home made easy” and nami for AI of things (AIoT). They’re all exhibiting at Tech West, Venetian Expo, Halls A-D. Here’s a closer look.

AgeTech Collaborative from AARP

AgeTech Collaborative from AARP, booth 53623, brings together leading organizations and innovators that work in this expanding technology space. The goal is to advance solutions that transform lives for older adults. They range from health and mobility aids to AI and robotics. Technologies being developed by AgeTech Collaborative members include blind spot sensors for wheelchairs, a social tabletop gaming console, a “smart” walker, virtual reality to address social isolation, wireless earbuds that double as a heart monitor and much more. AgeTech Collaborative blends expert guidance, pilot testing, networking opportunities, a startup accelerator program and access to funding.


Flic, booth 51719, works to make digital services accessible and easier to use. The company will be back at CES to demonstrate the Flic Twist smart home control now available for preorder. Among other products, Flic offers the Flic Button. Adjust lighting with the push of the button. Lower or raise the blinds. Set routines for temperature controls and music playlists when you walk through your door. Flic products are designed to automate most of the things that make home comfortable and safer.


nami, booth 52555, is an AIoT pioneer and CTA member that offers digital sensing with a wider range of coverage than sensor alternatives. Its solutions can detect falls, micro motions and more. The company’s digital sensing can also filter out benign triggers such as those generated by appliances and pets. Through Wi-Fi, the company provides acoustic sensing to, for example, help assure parents their baby is sleeping well or that someone in their home has fallen.
Today, more businesses are devoted to fulfilling the consumer’s every home-centric desire. Find them at CES 2024 when the show returns to Las Vegas January 9-12. Register today to see more of what’s trending and moving markets in smart home technology.

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