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AI & Mental Health: Spotlighting 3 CES 2023 Exhibitors

Overview Artificial intelligence (AI) is lowering barriers and creating new opportunities in digital health. These CES 2023 exhibitors are leveraging the technology to power mental wellness solutions.

This Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re highlighting the technology making therapy more accessible and allowing people to make mental wellbeing a priority.
As CTA research has found, nearly one in five adults in the United States is living with a mental illness but only 45% of those are receiving treatment – showing a clear gap between needs and offerings.
Three CES 2023 exhibitors top our list for recognition in their use of AI to power their apps, providing more access to solutions that can assess and, in some cases, generate treatment programs for mental illness.

40FY, Inc.

Korean firm 40FY received a CES 2023 Innovation Award for MINDLiNG which emulates the in-person therapy process on an online platform. In this way, it lowers barriers to care. Consisting of three key steps, MINDLiNG measures stress levels and resilience, provides a psychological assessment, and recommends a customized, all-digital therapy program.


Nuralogix unveiled the Anura Telehealth platform – a CES 2023 Innovation Award honoree – at this year’s show. The video-based solution can measure vital signs in real time and provide health risk assessments for both physical and mental health conditions.


French startup O-Kidia showcased a suite of AI-powered apps geared to children and adolescents at Eureka Park this January. Looking to provide a digital diagnosis without the need for a clinical questionnaire, this exhibitor describes their tool as the equivalent of a blood test for mental disorders.
Stay tuned for more news from CES 2024, set to display the latest trends and insights in the field, from reducing costs and increasing efficiencies to addressing security and privacy concerns. Visit our AI page for updates and insights.

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