CES 2024 Keynote: L’Oréal On Beauty Tech

Overview CES 2024 is January 9-12 in Las Vegas. As momentum builds and programming develops, we’re bringing the industry’s most influential leaders to the keynote stage. This year, L’Oréal will be the first company in its sector to keynote at CES. Company CEO Nicolas Hieronimus will discuss beauty tech as a means for advancing accessibility and choice for richer beauty experiences.

The L’Oréal session will showcase inclusive and accessible beauty tech as a path to personalized expressions of self. CEO Nicolas Hieronimus will take the keynote stage to share how the company’s advances in technology have leveraged, for example, AI and data analysis to help consumers discover tools and products that meet their specific objectives. The company is democratizing access to beauty solutions that have been less available to those with physical challenges that impact arm movement, grip strength, skin health and more.

L’Oréal at CES

  • The L’Oréal keynote at CES 2024 will emphasize the role of technical transformation in assuring business success in physical, digital and virtual environments.
  • The company has a long track record leveraging technology in consumers’ interests. It is the recipient of nine Innovation Awards for products showcased at CES.
  • No stranger to the show, L’Oréal has exhibited six times at CES since 2015.
  • The company earned headlines and honors at CES 2023 for accessible beauty tech that included HAPTA, the world’s first handheld and computerized makeup applicator. To discover more award-winning products, visit our Innovation Awards topic page.

CES keynotes attract large audiences and, often, headlines. This one will be no different. Don’t miss out. Keep current with CES 2024 news, and get registration information here. For more on the L’Oréal keynote, read the announcement.

This keynote presentation can be viewed on demand here.

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