Beauty for All: 3 Companies Excelled at CES 2023

The beauty industry understands that everyone has a right to own how they appear to the world, regardless of physical ability or condition. Proof of this was evident at CES 2023 where inspired technologies modeled how the beauty experience can be attained in ways unachievable before. Emphasizing individuality and convenience, three exhibitors -- also CTA members -- stood out for beauty solutions designed to give consumers what they want when they look in the mirror.

Amore Pacific: Perfecting Skin with Chips and Algorithms

Offering highly-rated skin care products that have won an intensely loyal fan base, Amore Pacific made a strong impression at CES 2023. Two of the company’s products received Innovation Award honors: COSMECHIP and Color Master by TONEWORK.

COSMECHIP, a home-use beauty device that creates skin care cosmetics, addresses changing skin conditions whenever and wherever needed. The device’s “Active-Chip” contains active formulations that afford a variety of options for different skin problems. Once the user has chosen their preferred chip and inserted it, water flows into the chip through a specially designed path to complete the skin care product.

Color Master by TONEWORK is a custom cosmetics product designed to emphasize individuality.Using the Authentic Color Master algorithm, consumers can easily choose their makeup color. The AI tech performsprecise color analysis in more than 3000 sections of the face. It combines with an automated cosmetic manufacturing device to quickly produce personalized products.


L’Oréal: Beauty Is Inclusive and Simplified

Long a cosmetics category leader, L’Oréal impressed CES 2023 audiences with accessible beauty tech products. Designed to counter physical limitations and exact specifications, the company received Innovation Award recognition for Brow Magic and HAPTA.
L'Oréal Brow Magic is the first handheld electronic makeup applicator for eyebrows, providing users with limited mobility a precise brow shape in seconds. The technology L'Oréal applied to Brow Magic delivers the desired eyebrow shape based on natural brow and facial features.

HAPTA from L'Oréal expands access to beauty expression as a handheld, computerized makeup applicator designed for those with limited mobility in their hands and arms. The motion-stabilizing device accommodates those with difficulty raising their arms, and whose limited grip strength interferes with precise application of lipstick or mascara.


Neutrogena: Nutritious Gummies Fuel Healthy Faces

Neutrogena partnered with Nourished, a pioneer in 3D-printed health supplements, to bring consumers SkinStacks for healthy, glowing skin. These gummy supplements can be personalized using a Neutrogena app. Here’s how it works: Take a selfie, answer questions about your skin routine and, based on your answers, you’ll get a customized stack to meet skin goals. After purchase, the vegan and sugar-free stacks are delivered to your door.

To discover more about tech’s contributions to consumers struggling with physical and other challenges, visit the CES Accessibility topic page. To explore a variety of highlights from CES 2023, check out our sessions and other on-demand videos.

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