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Autonomous Vehicles, Safe and Feasible with Mobileye

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The autonomous vehicle revolution is moving fast. In fact, one company in the space is working to simplify autonomous operation for traditional car builders. The company is Mobileye and, according to SVP Nimrod Nehushtan, it has relationships with Volkswagen and Porsche. In a market that’s embracing Mobileye’s AV platform -- and possibly sooner than you think -- your neighbor’s next new car may be fully autonomous. How can this be? Find out in season 7, episode 4, On the Fast Track to Autonomous Driving: Mobileye, of the CES Tech Talk podcast series.

Top Four Takeaways

  • See the autonomous-driving technology at work in the video podcast. Testers demonstrate the new AV driving experience, and animations walk viewers through the Mobileye platform’s features.
  • The platform from this CTA member company can be integrated into virtually any car. Look for it in next-generation cars that will come on the market in the nearer future. Watch to get the details.   
  • Here’s a snapshot of what’s in the platform: Computer vision tech with sensors, sensor-fusion radar and LiDAR, crowdsourced mapping and a silicon design. Mobileye SVP Nehushtan explains what all that is, and means.
  • With safety in mind, Mobileye’s technology, including its SuperVision product, addresses driver engagement and attention. In consumer-friendly terms, Nehushtan discusses the system’s controls relative to “eyes-on, hands-on,” “eyes-on, hands-off” and “eyes-off, hands-off” scenarios where eyes are on or off the road, and hands are on or off the steering wheel.

They Said It

“[W]e are working with car companies to integrate [the Mobileye] platform into new cars that will be launched in the future so that we can offer hands-off, eyes-off, driving functions to consumers through our partnerships with car companies.”
Nimrod Nehushtan (03:30)
“I think that in the next three to five years, we’ll see major leaps in what commercially available systems will offer to drivers and…the hands-off applications will provide new levels of comfort and much less anxiety. And, we also believe, better safety overall to drivers.”
Nimrod Nehushtan (13:41)

Nimrod Nehushtan, SVP, Strategy and Business Development, Mobileye

Nimrod Nehushtan is responsible for Mobileye’s strategic planning and initiatives, business objectives and development, as well as advanced development projects. As co-general manager for Mobileye road experience management, he leads product, delivery and business engagements to optimize Mobileye’s mapping solutions and services to maximize their reach in the ADAS (advanced driver-assistance system) and AV markets. Prior to joining Mobileye, Nehushtan worked as an engineer at Israel Aerospace Industries. He received a bachelor's degree, cum laude, in mechanical engineering from Tel Aviv University.

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