Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G

Company: Samsung Electronics, Inc.
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The first 5G version of the Samsung Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Note10+ 5G, brings 5G connectivity to the consumer market without sacrificing the experiences that consumers have come to expect.

With the new smartphone, Samsung has added 5G components without significantly affecting the phone’s physical structure and bulkiness.

To develop the new smartphone, the Samsung team conducted years of research that mitigated weak signals resulting from physical barriers like metal components and helped them understand how consumers use their phones, including how the average person holds a mobile phone.

With a next-generation screen display and a redesigned S Pen, as well as a new camera system enhanced by 5G, the Galaxy Note10+ 5G showcases new opportunities for customizable controls and preferences.


The Tech Behind It

The Galaxy Note10+ 5G offers users the largest Note display to date to enhance the experience of 4K video calls, buffer-free streaming and console-style games. The edge-to-edge Infinity Display makes the device easy to hold in one hand without sacrificing screen size.

5G’s fast data speeds will allow consumers to communicate more with video, and the Galaxy Note10+ 5G features pro-grade video recording and editing tools that content producers need. Software in the smartphone allows users to use live focus video to help subjects stand out from the background, and zoom-in mic technology helps pinpoint desired audio sources and minimize background noise.

Video producers from amateurs to seasoned professionals will be able to shoot and edit video straight from their phone and upload them through the fastest networks.

The new Note also makes it simple for users to jump between projects and ideas, from instantly converting handwriting to Microsoft Word text to linking to Windows operating system to help users switch between their PC and smartphone.

With fast charging, a battery that optimizes power consumption based on how each user operates their device, as well as 12 gigabytes of RAM — rivaling the performance of a laptop — the Galaxy Note10+ 5G is geared to operate as fast as possible on 5G networks.

See the Galaxy Note10+ 5G at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Showcase.

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