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Q800T Soundbar + QLED TV

Company: Samsung Electronics America, Inc.
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Samsung’s Q800T Soundbar delivers an immersive audio experience with eight built-in speakers that are compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technology.

When combined with the Samsung QLED TV, the Q800T is able to provide a new feature called Samsung Symphony, which plays sound from the TV’s top speakers as well as from the soundbar. In this fashion, the soundbar produces ground-level and overhead sounds, allowing users to have a more well-rounded and distinguished sound experience.

With its updated wireless subwoofer, the Q800T can also trace sound waves to determine the size and layout of a room and fully optimize the audio.


The Tech Behind It

The Q800T combines features with innovations like Samsung’s Acoustic Beam technology, which allows the soundbar to fit under the TV while still creating an immersive audio landscape.

The soundbar connects to a Samsung TV with Bluetooth and then uses the information from the TV to automatically switch its connection over to the user’s Wi-Fi network. Because it is paired with the Samsung One Remote as well, users don’t have to switch between remotes to adjust the volume or change the channel on the TV.

The Q800T will also automatically change the sound input if it detects that the TV is on. This means that a user can be using the soundbar to listen to music, but when the user wants to watch a game and turns on the TV, the Q800T will switch over to play the game sound.

While music is playing, the Q800T will also transform the TV into a visual experience with a SoundWall feature that identifies and analyzes the genre, tempo and mood of the music to create visual graphics to display on the TV screen.

With the pairing of the Q800T and the QLED TV, users are able to enjoy a synchronized picture and sound performance.

See the Q800T Soundbar and the QLED TV at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Showcase.

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