Company: NextMind
Category: Virtual & Augmented Reality


NextMind is the world’s first brain-sensing device enabling users to control their augmented or virtual reality (AR/VR) headsets with their mind. It offers a new way of interacting by having the brain directly connected to VR or AR environments.

The comb-shaped NextMind device sits at the back of the head and clips to any headband, cap or AR/VR headset. It extracts neural signals naturally generated from the brain, without sending anything in return.

NextMind’s team of researchers and brain specialists used an advanced understanding of capturing neurophysiological signals in a noninvasive manner and turning them into data to create real-time neuro-control abilities for the device.

The device meets the standards of medicine electrophysiology without conductive gel, wires or the traditional 15-minute setup time for headsets that perform similar functions. Designed to be ready within 30 seconds, NextMind pushes brain-computer interfaces to be available to more than just research labs and controlled medical environments.


The Tech Behind It

The NextMind technology incorporates artificial intelligence-based algorithms that decode the focus and intention of the user and translate the neural signals into digital commands.

For example, it allows users to perform actions and navigate without traditional controllers, creating an immersive experience within virtual environments.

The NextMind team used a conductive elastomeric polymer to create dry electrodes that can measure high-quality brain signals without compromising users’ comfort. Through Bluetooth technology, the device transmits the brain signals to a neural decoder on a device or computer.

NextMind also comes with a software development kit that allows developers and advanced users to build their own brain-controlled environment and applications. The kid includes building blocks, tutorials and demo applications to help users curate unique experiences.

See NextMind at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Showcase.

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