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NBCUniversal Makes It Personal at CES 2020

Overview At CES® 2020, NBCUniversal compiled an impressive roster of actors, musicians and reporters to discuss future innovation for the entertainment market and how that will change the industry on the keynote stage.

NBCUniversal is no stranger to disruption. One-hundred years ago, the company broadcast a few hours of radio content a day. A century later, the company has grown into an entertainment giant with an impressive portfolio of brands, including NBC News, NBC Sports and Universal Pictures.

The company’s content output has grown from its humble beginnings too.

“In 2020 alone, NBCUniversal will push out over 100,000 hours of premium content,” said Linda Yaccarino, chairman of advertising and partnerships, NBCUniversal, on the CES 2020 keynote stage. “If you are going to watch our content 24 hours a day, it would take you 12 years.”


The Future of Decision-Making

Yaccarino didn’t just look to the past, she revealed what NBCUniversal has in store for the future.
“The future is all about personalization,” Yaccarino said. “When we can get that content and give you the opportunity to reach beyond that screen — that’s when the magic happens.”

Acknowledging the content overload consumers face every day, the company is increasing the ways consumers can interact with its brand. Viewers can watch their favorite shows live, via streaming and on-demand through their cable provider.

“We’re really excited about 2020 and beyond and the availability of that choice via technology.” Yaccarino said. “It makes this quite a playground for all of us at NBC.”

NBCUniversal is hoping consumers will choose the company’s upcoming streaming service, Peacock, over those of its competitors. The service, which is expected to launch in April 2020, will feature some of NBC’s most beloved shows, including The Office, Cheers, Frasier and Saved by the Bell.

The brand isn’t just relying on nostalgia, though; original content from Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling will stream exclusively on Peacock as well.


The Power of Social Media

The current content landscape puts consumers in control, creating a trickle-up effect in the entertainment industry.

As Fox announced its lineup for the 2018-2019 primetime season, one show was left off the grid: Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The ensemble comedy follows a team of detectives in the titular fictional precinct as they navigate crime, bureaucracy and workplace friendships. Following Fox’s decision to axe the series, fans launched an aggressive social media campaign in hopes another network would pick it up.

Two days later, NBC answered their call and picked up the show for a seventh season. Universal Television, a division of NBCUniversal, had produced the series for the first six seasons.

“It was actually social media that fueled that decision making because there was such an uproar,” Yaccarino said. “That’s when technology works, and it works for good.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews shared this enthusiasm.

“In less than 28 hours, we were back at NBC,” Crews said.

Yaccarino said there is an emphasis on quality with NBCUniversal, and on giving consumers a voice. With a diverse and robust lineup of content, NBCUniversal is poised to provide entertainment for every one of its viewers.

“It goes back to who we are serving,” Yaccarino said. “We have to meet them on their terms — anywhere, any time and on any screen.”

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