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Company: Leica Geosystems
Category: Digital Imaging/Photography


The BLK2GO is the industry’s first wireless handheld imaging laser scanner. It allows users to scan spaces, structures and objects by walking through the space while holding the torch-like device.

Its one-button operation instantly captures the dimensions and turns them into full-color, 3D point clouds.

The data can be used for documenting a space, creating 3D models, surveying and even designing new buildings or helping with remodels.

The BLK2GO’s vision system eliminates the need for tripods and static scanning locations, and it’s able to travel with the user from room to room to continuously scan connected spaces.

Primary users of the BLK2GO include architects, engineers, construction companies, location scouts and also visual effects engineers.


The Tech Behind It

The BLK2GO features a 12 megapixel detail camera for high-contrast imagery and three panoramic cameras for point cloud colorization and visual navigation.

Using simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology, the BLK2GO is able to present dimensionally accurate 3D images as it records the user’s trajectory through a space. SLAM spatial awareness technology essentially enables BLK2GO to understand its own location and where it has been.

The handle of the BLK2GO contains WLAN connectivity and a rechargeable battery that enables 45 minutes of continuous scanning, and the multicolored lightguide that encircles the scanner provides the user with guidance while scanning and communicates the device’s status and data quality.

With an app, BLK2GO is able to provide useful live feedback to the user and share instant 2D and 3D visualizations while the user is scanning.

After using the scanner, a user is also able to clean the scans, combine multiple scans from different capture sessions, and also export the scans in different formats for other use.

See BLK2GO at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Showcase.

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