How 5G Livestreaming Will Change the Way We Live

Overview The high speeds and decreased latency enabled by 5G promise to change the way we consume media, complete vital tasks, and interact with each other and the world.

5G is a buzz word for 2020, securing a status as a Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® tech trend to watch. The promise of lag-free videos, virtual reality and online games has kept consumers waiting with bated breath for 5G to become more widely available.

In the world of livestreaming, the arrival of 5G will mean more than faster access to social media influencers and by-the-minute news.


In the 5G Arena

In the sports world, professional teams have demonstrated the potential benefits of 5G. Barcelona’s Nou Camp, Europe’s first 5G-enabled stadium, features multiple wireless cameras that stream to the 5G network and broadcast with 360-degree cameras, allowing fans to watch from any viewpoint.

Paired with augmented and virtual reality, 5G capabilities can bring new life to the immersive fan experience, even providing visuals from a goalie’s or pitcher’s point of view on the field.

For the teams themselves, too, the speed of 5G when it comes to livestreaming can mean new opportunities for remote coaching and instant play-by-play insights from industry experts not on the field.


Everyday Living Made Easier

The coming 5G technology also opens up new opportunities in education. Remote learning and online classrooms will be able to include faster multi-user livestreaming for classroom experiences that match those of in-person learning.

Streaming technology with 5G can also allow teachers to create more engaging experiences by bringing to the classroom immediate access to worldwide subjects and events, such as from the zoo or a cultural celebration across the world.

With 5G capabilities, school plays, dance recitals and little league games can be streamed and shared at high speeds from multiple angles so that parents who must be away can support their children from afar as well.


5G Saving Lives

High-quality streaming will play more critical roles in industries that are facing pressing challenges. For example, ultra-high-definition livestreaming that’s only made possible with the bandwidth of 5G will set the foundation for remote surgery.

As patients are in transit or in areas with less access to robust health care or experienced surgeons, technology equipped with 5G livestreaming can help doctors save lives from afar when every second counts.

Beyond the anticipation of almost instantaneous movie downloads, the unprecedented speeds of 5G are set to change lifestyles. New innovations still undiscovered may come to light as 5G adoption increases and integrates with other tools.

Learn more about the transition from 4G to 5G and the two characterizations of enterprise 5G.

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