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Halo Hypersport

Company: Damon Motorcycles
Category: Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation


Recognizing that motorcycling was a popular mode of transportation, but not the safest or most sustainable, Damon Motorcycles created Halo Hypersport, a motorcycle that meshes the vehicle with connectivity abilities to keep riders safe and secure.

The Hypersport will bring Damon Motorcycles’ unique CoPilot™ and Shift™ technologies to address both motorcycle safety and ergonomic adjustability. From collision warning technology to a system that helps to expand the rider’s field of senses, the Halo Hypersport aims to minimize accidents and keep riders safe on the road.


The Tech Behind It

Patented 360-degree advanced warning system scans for threats around the rider, and continues to learn more about the rider the more they ride, through its built-in cloud connection. The sensors collect rider, traffic and vehicle data to help provide the best riding experience.

The data is aggregated to developing new traffic safety prediction algorithms and adjusting the sensor range, detection window and alert cadence to suit the unique rider and abilities.

Shift™ technology provides electronically controlled four-point adjustable riding positions to best move with riders as they go from an upright city bike position to a sport, aerodynamic riding position on the highway. The windscreen, handlebar, seat and footpegs move to reduce fatigue and increase foot-to-ground manageability depending on the situation.

Automotive safety systems that were designed for cars are not compatible for motorcycles, because they move in linear manners. The CoPilot™ safety system sensors takes into account the behaviors and body language of motorcyclists.

With increased aerodynamics and improved connectivity between the rider and the bike and the road, the Halo Hypersport aims to redefine safe motorcycling experiences.

See the Halo Hypersport at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Showcase.

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