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Company: iniVation
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DVxplorer is the world’s first neuromorphic camera available to consumers. Neuromorphic cameras, also sometimes known as event-based cameras, are bio-inspired intelligent technology sensors that are able to perceive changes in the environment at high frequencies.

Though professionals around the world have already been using the technology behind DVxplorer to build machine vision applications for robotics, aerospace use, automotive functions and more, now the general public is able to access the same technology to achieve high performance vision and imaging needs.

Some applications of DVxplorer include:

  • Gesture recognition.

  • Privacy-aware low-power surveillance, such as the movement of people in the lobby of a hotel.

  • High-speed barcode reading, even when the barcode is moving or shaking.

  • Recording the blinking of an eye.


The Tech Behind It

Neuromorphic vision technology offers unprecedented advantages over traditional machine vision systems, including low response latency, low data rates and low power consumption.

The iniVation team said the secret to the DVxplorer’s performance is a patented neuromorphic pixel design that emulates key aspects of the human retina. It transmits pixel-level changes at micro-second resolution and is therefore equivalent to a high-speed camera at thousands of frames per second.

Every DVxplorer is paired with Dynamic Vision (DV) software to enable users to build their applications viagraphic interfaces, and final applications can be run on a variety of embedded platforms.

With the DVxplorer and DV software, vision system builders can create solutions across various industries.

  • IoT: Ultra-low power surveillance.

  • Self-driving vehicles: High-speed simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) in challenging lighting conditions.

  • Robotics: Fast object detection in difficult lighting.

  • Industrial vision: High-speed 3D infrastructure scanning to enable predictive maintenance and high-speed production inspection.

See DVxplorer at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Showcase.

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