Artificial Intelligence

Democratizing Artificial Intelligence

Overview Artificial intelligence is quickly making its way into everyday lives and businesses, and businesses are taking advantage of the technology to improve internal workflows and better connect with their consumers.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the path to becoming more ubiquitous. While the technology had previously been limited to large-scale tech uses and integrations such as digital health, companies are now beginning to integrate AI benefits into everyday workflows for their employees.

In the CES® 2020 C Space Studio, three executives described how AI is playing a role in their companies and businesses.


Hey, Einstein, Make Work Easier

Global leader in customer relationship management (CRM) Salesforce is bringing voice assistance to sales representatives, marketers, project managers and more with its AI platform, Einstein.

CRM users are now able to speak directly to Salesforce, and Einstein will jot notes, set guidelines for action items and provide dedicated insights that help users drive personalized customer engagement.

Einstein takes advantage of AI capabilities to gather data on users’ actions to provide predictive analytics, including the likelihood of a customer purchasing a product, engagement scoring for leads and industry price fluctuations.

“It’s not only creating a better customer experience, but allowing us to unlock the value of the data in a whole new way,” said Salesforce CMO Stephanie Buscemi.



AI Goes Creative

Omnicom teams are using AI-enabled computer vision to understand the elements of a video, dissecting the mood and sentiment, relevant objects, music, and more across millions of videos on the internet.

The tool allows Omnicom to understand what works in creative content by collating and analyzing trends. In this sense, AI has allowed creative teams to adapt to make effective business decisions based on what works.

“AI will make everything faster, smarter and more efficient,” said Jonathan Nelson, CEO of Omnicom Digital, Omnicom Group. “Whether that is on the creative side of our business, on the media side or on the commerce side. [It will be] in the same way digital has affected everything and has become the air we breathe.”


It’s not only creating a better customer experience, but allowing us to unlock the value of the data in a whole new way

Stephanie Buscemi
CMO, Salesforce

Uncovering What You Didn’t Know

“I don’t think AI replaces people,” said Adam Singolda, founder and CEO of advertising company Taboola. “It’s more of a way to combine machine and man in the sense that they can work together to create better things.”

Advertisers and publishers working with Taboola are able to reap the benefits of AI-enabled A/B testing to learn about their clients are and those consumers’ behaviors. The system collects and analyzes data on users to unveil to the advertisers hidden insights, making data-backed suggestions for businesses.

Singolda described one such scenario where a wine advertiser learned that its most passionate clients are people who are interested in running and PlayStation®.

“AI can give us suggestions and ideas and a feedback loop of data,” Singolda said.


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