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Delta Outlines the Future of Travel at CES 2020

Overview Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian took to the CES 2020 keynote stage to outline his vision for what is to come in the travel industry with Delta.

As the first airline to present a keynote address at CES®, Delta took the stage on the opening day of CES 2020 to unveil a series of technology features that CEO Ed Bastian foresees changing the flight experience.

“We see technology as a tool to further our mission of connecting people and creating opportunities,” Bastian said. “We are dedicated to solving your travel problems and making your voyages — and your lives — easier.”

Bastian noted that Delta is the most awarded airline in the world thanks to the airline’s employees. The company has continuously displayed a dedication to customer service, harnessing artificial intelligence to reduce flight cancellations and using RFID bag tags to push notifications to track luggage in real time.

“Because we carry 200 million people across the world every year, the opportunity for our innovations to have meaningful impact is tremendous,” Bastian said.


Listening to Customers

Bastian welcomed Sandy Gordon, Delta’s senior vice president of airport operations for domestic stations, to highlight the ways Delta is making sure customer concerns are heard and addressed, and how the company is improving travel through data. Delta has leveraged research to identify stressful moments in travel for both passengers and employees.

In one recent study, customers wore heart rate monitors and video recorded their travel to track their stress levels throughout their travel experience. Using the results from the study, the Delta team created digital tools that empowered employees to help them deliver more seamless experiences.


Easing Travel Jitters

Bastian introduced the Fly Delta App, a digital concierge that can anticipate customers’ needs and offers data-driven recommendations. Fly Delta can suggest earlier rideshares to the airport based on traffic conditions and flight times, help secure bag delivery and hotel options, and offer in-flight entertainment at any point in the customer’s journey.

With artificial intelligence (AI)-driven machine learning, Fly Delta can recommend faster security checkpoints, notify customers when their seat — not just the flight — is boarding and more.

Delta is also partnering with Misapplied Sciences to launch Parallel Reality, a system experience that tailors airport information to the passenger through multi-view pixels and other proprietary technology. Biometric technology allows screens to recognize passengers, and multi-view pixels paired with spatial calibration and other technology will allow up to 100 customers to look at the same screen simultaneously and view personalized content specific to their journey.

We see technology as a tool to further our mission of connecting people and creating opportunities

Ed Bastian
CEO, Delta Air LInes


Helping Delta Employees Help Passengers

Delta is also partnered with Sarcos Robotics, a leader in exoskeleton development, to boost employees’ physical capabilities and safety. Making its debut on the stage, the Guardian XO is the world’s first full-body, battery-powered exoskeleton.

“Imagine if we could turn our team members into superhumans,” said Ben Wolff, CEO of Sarcos Robotics.

Potential applications at Delta could include handling freight at warehouses, lifting machinery and parts for ground support, and supporting maintenance procedures. Guardian XO provides new opportunities for employment equality by removing the need for strength requirements for certain roles.

“Our leading source of innovation is our people,” Bastian said.

Closing the keynote, Bastian acknowledged the 90,000 global Delta employees who bring to life the company’s commitment to customer service.

Watch the full keynote to learn more about Guardian XO, Delta’s move to become the first airline with dedicated in-flight channels and more.

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