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AR/VR Is Co-Worker of the Year

This article is a based in part on a story that originally appeared in It Is Innovation (i3) magazine, published by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®.

Overview Innovations in AR/VR are changing the way businesses are functioning and creating new ways for team members to work smarter.

As augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) solutions promise to fundamentally change the way we interact, global demand for and use of AR/VR expects a major increase.

Organizations are leveraging new tools in the space to offer redefined customer experiences and internal processes.

In the workplace, AR/VR has taken on an irreplaceable role.


Immersive Training

To gain “hands-on” experience during onboarding, employees can fully immerse themselves in different workday scenarios with 360-degree videos and training simulations from AR/VR goggles.

Companies like Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® member Walmart are using VR immersive learning programs to run through realistic practice scenarios to prepare for any challenges — such as Black Friday sales.


Making the Workday Easier

AR/VR tools haven’t only improved user interfaces and consumer-facing visuals. For businesses, AR/VR has provided solutions such as motion-powered 3D modeling that enable engineers to craft mock-ups of products and designs.

In the health care industry, AR/VR has also helped medical professionals spot and diagnose symptoms and health concerns.

The automation and machine accuracy of AR/VR are transforming the workplace and improving cost efficiency.


Personalized Partner

Beyond set hardware and software apps, organizations are now able to create custom AR/VR solutions to provide hands-on, everyday assistance.

One aircraft manufacturer uses AR/VR software to help technicians scan for maintenance issues and allow remote experts to communicate with the technicians to walk through fixes in real time.

A biomedical company is leveraging AR/VR goggles for its workers to use gaze-driven commands to control its health care devices without having to take off protective gloves or uniforms.

As new innovations in space allow for customized solutions both in consumer and enterprise use cases, AR/VR will soon have us rethinking the way with communicate and collaborate — among ourselves and with machines.

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