AMD and the Future of Gaming

Overview Global high-performance computing company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) unveiled new gaming solutions at CES 2020 and sees the Esports industry continuing to grow.

The world of esports and gaming is not new for global tech leader Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). The launch of AMD’s Ryzen desktop processors secured a place for AMD in the esports arena, with Evil Geniuses streaming on Ryzen processors on launch day to more than 120,000 unique viewers.

During the CES® 2019 AMD keynote, President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su debuted a variety of products, among them Radeon VII, the world’s first 7nm graphics processor, built for gamers.

“AMD loves gaming,” Dr. Su said. “AMD loves gamers. We want to be the technology of choice across the entire ecosystem.”

Dr. Su and the AMD team returned to CES 2020 to announce the world’s highest performance desktop and ultrathin laptop processors.


The AMD Advantage

When it comes to gaming, Frank Azor, AMD chief architect of gaming solutions and co-founder of Alienware, says AMD has what he likes to call the “AMD Advantage:” a portfolio of high-performance intellectual property with designs across multiple segments of gaming hardware, including PCs, consoles, cloud and mobile.

Among AMD’s unique technology are:

  • SmartShift – Unveiled at CES 2020, SmartShift technology is able to dynamically shift power in a laptop to help boost performance for gaming, video editing, 3D rendering, content creation and more. Through machine learning algorithms, an interface in SmartShift-enabled notebooks can automatically boost performance as defined by workloads.

  • RDNA – The RDNA Architecture powers AMD’s 7nm gaming GPU. The architecture was built for efficiency with less latency, power and bandwidth needed to enable quality gaming experiences.

  • FreeSync – FreeSync-enabled monitors help create tear-free gaming displays. The technology allows the video cards to dynamically scale the refresh rate of the connected monitor in sync with the game that is being played.


What Is to Come for AMD and Gaming

During a session of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® and Northern Virginia Technology Council Masters of Leadership virtual event series, Dr. Su highlighted how she and the AMD team expect gaming to continue to grow.

She sees gaming as another way for people to interact — even with two billion other gamers simultaneously — and AMD has plans to improve that interaction.

“Our goal is to give as much realism into that gaming experience as possible,” Dr. Su said. “It makes it more real. It makes the whole experience more entertaining, more photorealistic in that realm.”

Dr. Su also mentioned the expectation that more gaming consoles will be available in the coming year. In an interview with WCCFTech, Azor confirmed AMD plans to double its gaming-specific notebook launches in 2020 compared to 2019.

AMD continues to drive the future of gaming, and its innovations in high-performance computing, graphics and visualization are set to bring games to life.

Watch Dr. Lisa Su’s full interview with CTA president and CEO Gary Shapiro as part of the Masters of Leadership series.

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