A Trip Down Memory Lane: CES® in the Past Decade

Overview As we return from launching the new decade with CES 2020, take a trip down CES memory lane to see the debuts and transformations of the show from the past decade.

Each year at CES, technology industry luminaries and dreamers come together to showcase the most innovative products and launch their passion projects to more than 170,000 people.

For the past 50+ years, CES has been the champion of technological advances and the way they affect the economy, job growth and individuals across the globe.

Here are just some of the key highlights from the past decade of the world’s largest and most influential tech event.

CES 2011

Connected TVs, smart appliances, Android Honeycomb, Ford’s Electric Focus, Motorola Atrix, and Microsoft Avatar Kinect are all introduced at CES.

CES 2012

3D printers and 3D OLED are the new big thing at CES 2012. Eureka Park™ launches at CES to showcase 100 early-stage startups.

CES 2013

Ultra HDTV and driverless car technology were showcased at CES 2013, and GoPro, maker of action camcorders, becomes leading camcorder seller in the U.S.

CES 2014

Wearables, smart gadgets, robotics, health tech and cars are the big themes of the 2014 show, with technology becoming more personalized than ever and devices starting to talk to each other.

CES 2015

Quadcopter drones are a hit at CES 2015. The latest version of Ring that allows users to play music from a phone or close curtains using gestures only, a robotic arm that plays beer pong, and a smart self-adjusting belt are all featured on the show floor.

CES 2016

Collision-avoidance and self-automation tech are featured at CES 2016, and sensors and cameras are shown embedded in multiple appliances and wearables. Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) are headline news at the show.

CES 2017

CES celebrates 50 years of the show at CES 2017. Large TVs as thin as wallpaper, self-driving electric cars and accessibility technology are highlighted at the show.

CES 2018

It’s the year of the voice assistant at CES 2018, and the potential of a smart kitchen is introduced. The world’s first smartphone with an in-display fingerprint scanner is showcased in action.

CES 2019

Impossible Foods launched the Impossible Burger 2.0, Lenovo unveils smart devices with Alexa and Google Assistant, Intel shows off next-gen chip technologies, and IBM reveals the first commercial quantum system at CES 2019.

CES 2020

Toyota launched the Toyota Woven City smart city, Delta Air Lines marked the first time an airline keynoted at CES, Mercedes launched a new concept car and Impossible Foods returned with plant-based pork. See the new product launches of CES 2020. Eureka Park™ features more than 1,200 startups.

The best years are still to come. We hope to see you in Las Vegas for CES 2021, January 6-9, 2021.

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