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What Dog Dreams Are Made Of: The Pet Bed Helping You Love Your Pet Longer

Overview Pet tech company Petrics makes products that provide pet owners with the tools to make informed decisions for their pets’ individual health needs.

With an obesity epidemic in the pet world — 50 to 60 percent of dogs and cats that are pets are overweight — and research showing that obesity reduces the average life expectancy of animals by up to two and a half years, the Petrics team set out to renew a focus on nutrition for pets.

Technologies that are helping pet owners manage their pet’s health are in fact eliminating the boundaries between pet owners of cats and dogs.

“We’re starting to see some really cool apps that are integrating with the vets as well,” said Petrics President and CEO Edward Hall. “[That] adds some transparency and communication.”

Get Them Moving

Activity and interactive toys for pets are what Hall finds to be one of the greatest benefits for pet owners to help keep their pets healthy. Useful for dogs or cats, the new apps and tech that are allowing pet owners to play with their furry friends from afar and see them through an integrated webcam are also giving pets the exercise they need.

Petrics’s activity tracker allows pet owners to understand these needs and provide the optimal care for their pets.

Pets wear the Petrics tracker and activity levels, rest periods and weight information are stored in the Petrics Health & Nutrition App. Each pet’s data in the app also contains information about breed, age, weight and important characteristics that allow pet owners to stay aware of health risks. It also recommends vet visits. All the features are designed to allow pet owners to react to health issues more quickly.

We’re starting to see some really cool apps that are integrating with the vets as well. [That] adds some transparency and communication.

Edward Hall
CEO and President, Petrics

Get Them Talking

The Petrics tracker also lets pets better communicate their needs, whether through actions or via the tracker detecting heart rate changes, body temperature and more. As a result, pet owners are able to address earlier illnesses like pet osteoarthritis and seizures, minimizing vet bills and health risks.

“That was a big thing for [Petrics], early intervention and detection, because when we’re gone, we don’t know what’s happening,” Hall said.

With data that is procured and validated by pet health professionals, the app provides pet owners with the tools to give top-quality care.

Get Them Resting

The world’s first smart pet bed with climate control and a built-in scale, the Petrics Smart Pet Bed allows pet owners to automatically or manually adjust the bed temperature for each unique pet, based on breed, environment or geographic location. The scale also tracks weight fluctuations to keep owners informed of their pet’s nutrition.

With the Smart Pet Bed and their other pet tech products, Petrics is looking to reshape the way owners care for their pets, allowing pets to live happier and healthier lives.

Petrics at CES

At CES 2019, Hall and the Petrics team unveiled the Petrics Smart Pet Bed, winning awards in the categories “Tech for a Better World” and “Smart Home.”

“[It was my] first time at CES and that was a fantasy as I watch it every year. CES was just phenomenal for us. I met with some really high up executives with multi-billion dollar companies.”

Giving a sneak peek at what’s to come for Petrics, Hall spoke of updates for their pet nutrition-tracking mobile app, new products that adds transparency and accountability in the pet food industry, and integrations with other innovative companies.

“We’ve got a lot in our pipeline right now,” he said of Petrics’s game plan.


Hear Edward Hall talk about the future of pet tech on the CES Tech Talk podcast.

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