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The Valerann Smart Roads

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Valerann’s vision is to revolutionize the intelligent transportation industry. With Valerann Smart Roads, sensing technologies are integrated into roads, transforming them into a connected infrastructure that provides comprehensive data to help city leaders develop innovative technologies in the transportation ecosystem.

The Valerann sensory road studs replace standard raised pavement markers, creating a network that shares information with the Valerann cloud and directly with vehicles. This network can track the exact driving pattern of each vehicle on the road, down to the in-lane location of every vehicle at any given time.

Using this information, the system can provide real-time information to drivers and self-driving vehicles, such as alerts of merging vehicles, risk factors and navigation recommendations with lane-by-lane traffic updates.

With Smart Roads, Valerann aims to improve the customer journey, bringing technology to our largest infrastructure — which has remained almost unchanged since the 1970s — to minimize the risks and frustrations with traveling on roads.


The Tech Behind It

The data collected from the Valerann studs is transferred to Valerann’s cloud, where machine learning algorithms transform the data into real-time analysis. The user-independent flow of information allows traffic apps to provide more accurate and diverse services and recommendations.

The Cloud Control Center is a virtual platform for road operators to easily digest the data and insights about on-road safety and traffic events. With this interactive dashboard, the hope is for operators to respond to situations faster and more effectively, resulting in fewer accidents and better traffic flows. From road occupancy and traffic flow to vehicle classifications and accidents that are filtered by urgency level, the control center empowers decision makers to analyze the information and provide the appropriate response.

For self-driving vehicles in particular, the Valerann system provides resources that help the development and adaptation of the technology:

  • Exact in-lane location.
  • Detecting out-of-sight risks.
  • Enabling connection to non-connected vehicles.

Valerann’s Smart Roads aims to move vehicles to the next level of automation and allow all types of cars to communicate with each other through a defined network of data.

Visit Valerann at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Showcase.

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