The App That Turns Spare Change to Bitcoin

Overview Despite continued interest in cryptocurrency, it is a complicated subject, with few general customers understanding how to buy and invest with cryptocurrency. The new app Bundil aims to make cryptocurrency accessible for users.

Now compatible with hundreds of banks, the Bundil app rounds up transactions from normal spending to the nearest dollar and invests the difference in the crypto of the user’s choosing.

Users are able to track and manage growth from the app and are also able to pause any investing.

Created for everyday users who don’t fit the tech geek profile or already use cryptocurrency or blockchain, Bundil breaks down the complexity of and eliminates the volatility of crypto.

“[Users] log into the app, they set it and forget it,” said Bundil Founder and CEO Dmitri Love.

Love built his startup from an idea that sparked while he recovered from a severe knee injury from playing soccer while in college at the University of Arkansas.

From a Family Affair to the Global Stage

The idea for Bundil first came from Love helping his mother navigate her first cryptocurrency purchases. He realized that despite what he thought were user-friendly interfaces, the concept of cryptocurrency still proved difficult for the everyday consumer. He set out to change that.

“I [wanted] to build something for myself. I [wanted] to be that Silicon Valley guy with a cool tech company, and I had already been interested in crypto,” Love said.

Fast forward to a six-figure investment from Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary and a jumpstart into the tech sector, Love launched a successful startup product. He also invested in a space for Bundil at CES 2019 Eureka Park.

At first unfamiliar with CES as someone just starting in the tech industry, Love was convinced by his research about the global stage of innovation and the enthusiastic response by his uncle, who was a futures trader and his initial angel investor.

It’s the biggest technology show in the world, and we were able to make some fantastic connections.

Dmitri Love
Founder and CEO, Bundil

“It’s the biggest technology show in the world, and we were able to make some fantastic connections,” Love said.

Bundil achieved exposure at CES, with people asking for opportunities to integrate the app with their business, starting new networks for Love and his team.

The Bundil app has also been featured on major platforms such as CNBC, ABC and Forbes.

Looking ahead, Bundil released the second iteration of the app, which offers new features and addresses some user issues. Since the first edition, when big banks were unable to accept Bundil’s transactions, new in-house technology and strategic partnerships have allowed the second iteration to make cryptocurrency even more easily accessible to customers.

Love and the Bundil team are returning to CES 2020, aiming to educate more people on how the app can get them into the cryptocurrency market.

“We’re moving towards a digital age, and we need something like cryptocurrency in our ecosystem,” Love said.

Learn more about Dmitri Love and the beginnings of Bundil in "The State of the Cryptocurrency Industry" episode of the CES Tech Talk podcast.

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