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Norm Glasses

Company: Human Capable Inc.

Category: Headphones & Personal Audio


Norm Glasses are augmented reality (AR) smart glasses designed to be indistinguishable from normal sunglasses.

Featuring an Android-based operating system, voice user interface, speakers, camera and a display that shows digital content in the user’s field of vision, Norm Glasses allow users to interact with the digital worldhands-free and improve their productivity.

The glasses also provide captioning for the hearing impaired and enable those who are visually impaired to interact with digital content through voice or remote assistants.

Weighing less than 36 grams, Norm Glasses also support all standard lenses currently on the market, including prescription, photochromic and polarized lenses.


The Tech Behind It

A standalone miniature computing system embedded in the frames is the brain of the Norm Glasses.
Noise-cancelling microphones enable users to call, talk, voice control and dictate. An embedded camera can take pictures or record videos that can be stored locally in the embedded system or on the internet.
Norm Glasses integrate with various voice assistant platforms, such as Alexa.

To activate the glasses’ functions, users can use voice commands or touch a pad on the frames. Users can simply voice a command, such as “Check the weather,” or use shortcuts that they’ve set, such as “one-two.” Configured voice commands allow another layer of privacy.

Connected with mobile devices and other platforms, Norm Glasses provide a heads-up, hands-free smartphone experience for users. Users can even answer a call by nodding their head when an incoming call is displayed.

From turn-by-turn navigation shown in the display to recipes and instructions read aloud, Norm Glasses provide a productive way to integrate technology into an everyday item.

See the Norm Glasses at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Showcase.

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