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How Well Do You Sleep?

Overview Recognizing that 70 million people in the U.S. suffer from chronic sleep problems, startup Awarables is committed to improving sleep health through in-depth sleep quality analytics and behavior modification training.

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Awarables is a Washington, D.C., area sleep improvement company, providing a way for individuals to receive and understand a comprehensive image of their own sleep experience and how to improve it.  

Awarables believes that sleep is integral to feeling your best and that addressing insomnia and improving sleep is key to achieving the best quality of life. Awarables’ product addresses the unserved need of treating sleep apnea and insomnia by bringing to market a comprehensive sleep improvement system developed with the needs and psyche of an individual suffering from broken sleep in mind.

Awarables’ sleep tracking wearable houses a multi-sensor biometric data suite in a comfortable form factor that tracks the user’s sleep quantity and quality (sleep onset, REM, deep sleep, light sleep, awakenings and sleep fragmentation, postures, etc.) night after night in their home with clinical precision. It is powered by patented sleep staging analytics tested in parallel with the gold standard sleep labs.

The chest-worn wearable includes clinical grade EKG monitoring with every beat detection, and its proprietary algorithms are customized toward enabling sleep improvement by augmenting the Sleep Help CBTi (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia) program. The app guides the user daily and weekly through personalized selected therapies and their milestones, while motivating them at each step to promote adherence and test improvement.

See Awarables at CES 2020, Eureka Park Booth 51321.

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See Awarables on the CES 2020 show floor. arrow-black

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