CES Ready, Shark Ready

Overview The CES show floor has been home to many innovative exhibitors who have also received offers from the famous sharks of Shark Tank, the hit reality show that has reinvigorated entrepreneurship.

To provide a platform for CES® companies to showcase their products to seasoned investors, and even earn a spot on the TV show, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, producer of CES, has also collaborated with Shark Tank to offer pitch competitions at CES.

At CES 2019, the CTA Foundation — a national foundation with the mission to link seniors and people with disabilities with technologies to enhance their lives — partnered with AARP, along with AARP brand ambassador and Shark Tank shark Daymond John, to launch a pitch competition highlighting technology that is creating social connection.

Here are some of the CES exhibitors who’ve faced the sharks and succeeded.


Founder Robbie Cabral debuted BenjiLock at CES 2017, and the product was named an Innovation Award honoree that year.

Cabral participated in the Shark Tank casting call at CES 2017 and was selected to pitch on the show, earning himself an offer from Kevin O'Leary and his team.

Cabral has returned to CES 2018 and CES 2019, and he also plans to exhibit at CES 2020.

"You'll see more innovation from BenjiLock," Cabral says, "I'll make sure of that."




Ilumi at CES 2017After succesfully receiving a deal from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, Ilumi founders Swapnil Bora and Corey Egan took their smart LED lightbulbs to the CES 2017 show floor and launched a brand-new app at CES.





CTA member Basepaws brought the world's first cat DNA test to CES 2019. Founder Anna Skaya struck a deal with Shark Kevin O'Leary on season 10 of Shark Tank.

"There is so much that we can do with genetic testing that would contribute to a healthier and happier life for an animal, as well as its owner," Skaya said. 





An app that rounds up spare change from transactions and invests it into cryptocurrency, Bundil made an impression on the sharks.

After a six-figure investment from Kevin O’Leary and a jumpstart into the tech sector, Bundil founder Dmitri Love also invested in a space for his startup at CES 2019 Eureka Park.

"It's the biggest technology show in the world, and we are able to make some fantastic connections," Love said. 

Hear more about how Love started his cryptocurrency app on the "The State of the Cryptocurrency Industry" episode of the CES Tech Talk podcast. 


Learn about how CES helped other exhibitors grow their business too. 

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