Become the Next Wolf of Mobile Wall Street

Overview StrattyX is bringing trading functions and trading rules to everyday users, allowing users to easily execute orders on the stock market.

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Many brokers allow users to buy and sell shares online, but StrattyX is changing the game while also providing a platform for non-professional traders. 

The StrattyX trading interface allows traders to set up more sophisticated algorithmic rules and strategies, in addition to traditional functions and orders. StrattyX users can create rules to buy or sell shares based on multiple factors, based on Twitter, news announcements or on movement in the stock market.

Users can also work in a simulation mode to see the way a strategy would affect them before executing the strategy in real-time.  

The company integrates with existing brokers, such as TD Ameritrade, and plans on also showcasing the way star investors define strategies on their platform, to better allow other users to follow similar strategies and patterns and learn.  

Looking ahead, the StrattyX team is working on new features that will allow users to rate news headlines, creating a machine learning system to best support their customers, including beginner-level non-professional traders. 

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