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Overview Basepaws brings DNA testing to cats, showcasing the allure of pet tech for dedicated pet owners.

As more pet owners turn to technology to enhance their interactions with their pets, the pet tech industry is seeing exponential growth. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® forecasts that in 2019, pet technology products will see an 80 percent jump in revenue growth in the U.S. alone.

Whether owners are looking for ways to monitor, entertain, feed or reward their pets, new innovative products are allowing these dedicated pet parents to safely and conveniently care for their best friends.

Basepaws Founder and CEO Anna Skaya developed the world’s first at-home DNA test for cats, which tells cat owners more about their cat’s breed, nutrition, environment and genetics, and it enables owners to better care for their cats.

“I don’t see it as irrational,” said Skaya about owners’ love for their pets on the CES Tech Talk podcast. “I want my pets to have the best.”

A Gene-ius Solution

Basepaws — the fourth company that Skaya has founded — was created after she had her own genetics test that changed the way she viewed herself. It was then she realized that products that provided accessible DNA testing didn’t exist in the pet world.

Basepaws’ tests can identify specific genes linked to disease or physical traits. After owners receive the DNA results, they will also receive lifetime benefits like updates, newsletters and articles about their cat’s DNA.

“There is so much that we can do with genetic testing that would contribute to a healthier and happier life for an animal as well as its owner,” said Skaya in an interview with i3 magazine.

A DNA test can make it easier to identify traits that are linked to health conditions for animals, such as heart disease and obesity.

We got more media attention from CES than any of the shows that we ever did; we hit new markets that we would’ve never hit if it wasn’t for CES.

Anna Skaya
Founder and CEO, Basepaws

Cat Electronics Show

Skaya and her cat Koko brought Basepaws to Shark Tank and received investments from sharks Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec, who provided advice and opportunities for Basepaws, such as securing a position in Amazon Launchpad. Basepaws also exhibited at CES 2019.

“We got more media attention from CES than any of the shows that we ever did; we hit new markets that we would’ve never hit if it wasn’t for CES,” said Skaya. 

With a cat-costumed mascot, the Basepaws team caught attention on the show floor, securing TV segments and radio shows in Australia and Peru and gaining global media hits. Basepaws even saw sales in Japan.

“[We got in] completely new markets that we would’ve never hit if it wasn’t for CES,” Skaya said.
Skaya and the Basepaws team will be returning to CES 2020, looking forward to discovering other innovative tech that enhances pets’ lives and showcasing how DNA testing can help owners keep their pets happy and healthy.

“DNA research has revealed a vast amount of useful, often life-saving information for humans, and we want to facilitate those same breakthroughs for cats,” Skaya said.

Learn about Anna Skaya’s five-year perspective on pet tech on CES Tech Talk.

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