Let’s work toward a more sustainable CES together

As innovation and inspiration leads to advances for the entire tech ecosystem, we not only want to encourage sustainable practices for the industry as a whole but seek to improve what can be done to make CES a more sustainable trade show. 

We want to share what’s happening behind the scenes at CES and offer actionable ideas for participating companies, so that together, we can work toward reducing the overall environmental impact of the show. 

1. Minimizing carbon emissions with a sustainable freight, shipping and transportation strategy.



3 truckloads of furniture, electronics and supplies from CES 2023 exhibitors were donated to Goodwill and Opportunity Village.


45,811 miles saved through zero emissions travel during CES 2023 via the Vegas LOOP and Monorail.

2. Reducing waste by working with venues with strong recycling programs.



1040 tons of metal, paper, carpet, wood, plastic and more were repurposed during the show.


14,193 PET water bottles were eliminated by utilizing filling stations.


3,958 lbs of food were donated to local establishments.


Reduced printed materials and opted for a robust mobile app to deliver necessary show information.

3. Adopting energy efficient practices at CES sites.



100% of the electricity used at The Venetian Resort is powered by renewable energy sources.


90% of daytime power needs for MGM Resorts is fueled by their Mega Solar Array — the industry’s largest directly-sourced renewable energy project.


50% lighting intensity reduction during event move-in/move-out periods at the LVCC.


Fun Fact: The Consumer Technology Association has been powering the iconic Las Vegas sign via solar energy since 2014!

4. Giving back to the community.



At CES 2023, $100,000+ was donated by CTA to local charities and educational institutions to support environmental initiatives through CTA’s Greener Grants program.


At CES 2023, we adopted the theme Human Security for All to provide awareness for how tech can be applied for the good of humankind. This theme will be woven into the CES 2024 programming as well.


How to Exhibit More Sustainably


From planning your booth design to promoting your brand, here are some easy steps you can take to be more sustainable at the show:

  1. Design your booth with longevity in mind. Reduce what’s sent to the landfill by considering what can be repurposed year after year, used for other promotions or rented. When people are at your booth, they know they are at CES. Consider developing graphics that are not date-specific so that they can be used more than once.

  2. Utilize SmartWay partners for shipping and freight. Our partner, Freeman, is part of the EPA’s SmartWay program, that emphasizes sustainability practices when it comes to supply chain management.

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  3. Change the expectation of what a promotional takeaway is to your audience. The days of a printed booklet to capture the attention of prospective customers is gone. Digital content allows you to be nimble, adjust on the fly, and create tailored experiences for your customers. Don’t be afraid to forego printing! Find other giveaways that provide long-term value to your customers who engage with you at the show.

  4. Educate your audience on company initiatives. CES is a catalyst for the important conversations that can lead to new partnerships and increased market share. With more consumers focused on the environmental impact that the products they purchase have, use your interactions at CES to showcase your commitments to curbing e-waste, utilizing sustainable packaging, materials, and substances, conserving water, incorporating renewable energy into your production line, and more.

  5. Participate in existing donation programs! Did you know that the carpet used in booths is repurposed? Or that badges are recycled? What about food and beverage donations? If it can be donated or recycled, we can work with you. More information can be found in the exhibitor manuals.

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Showcasing Sustainability at CES 2023

Trade shows and sustainability initiatives have too often worked at cross purposes. They don’t have to. When large industry events prioritize waste reduction and energy efficiency, the rewards can extend measurably to the industries on site. CES 2023 is convening this January with a deepened commitment to sustainability.

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