Meeting Owl Pro

Company: Owl Labs
Category: Robotics


The Meeting Owl and Meeting Owl Pro are smart speaker-microphone-camera devices built to help make meetings more productive. The only 360 degree camera, mic, speaker smart devices in the market today, the Meeting Owls are connected to a computer via USB, sit in the middle of a conference room, and use vision and voice recognition to automatically shift the camera to focus on whoever is speaking.

The Meeting Owl Pro is equipped for rooms from smaller huddle meeting spaces to larger conference rooms with sharper cameras and louder sounds from a tri-speaker, as well as smart microphones with an 18-foot radius audio pickup.

Compatible with popular video conference platforms, Meeting Owls help enhance the meeting environment and curate an immersive experience for teammates both in and out of the office.


The Tech Behind It

Owl Labs conducted research that pointed to the rise of remote work. With this workplace shift, the team wanted to help businesses ensure that they have the resources for employees to communicate and work well together.

“We believe that work location should be irrelevant,” the Owl Labs team said.

The Meeting Owl solves the age-old “can you hear me now” problem and disadvantages that come with not being able to follow remote conversations by offering immersive face-to-face experiences with voice and vision recognition and zoom. The technology allows call attendees to perceive correct body language, facial expressions and context clues to improve communication.

In early 2020, Owl Labs also plans to launch an analytics suite to help users understand and improve their meeting room spaces, as well as new technology that allows remote call attendees to better see and use a whiteboard with their teammates.

From the Meeting Owls to free meeting agenda templates, Owl Labs is committed to helping teams work together more efficiently and support the future of work.

See the Meeting Owl Pro at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Showcase.

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