Launching Innovation for 50 Years and Counting

Overview Through the more than 50 years CES®, the world’s most influential technology event, has been proud and humbled to showcase global leaders and champion the power of technology.

For the 1960s through the 2020s, CES has connected entrepreneurs and tech dreamers from around the globe and helped attendees reach their business goals. From drones to virtual reality, the latest technology has found a launchpad at CES.



In the summer of 1967, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, then the Electronic  Industries Association, launched the first CES® with 117 exhibitors and keynote speaker Motorola chairman Bob Galvin.

Featuring powerhouses like Panasonic, the first CES displayed technologies such as transistor radios, stereos and black and white televisions.



While the world was enthralled with bell-bottom pants and The Brady Bunch, CES moved into the ’70s showing off the latest technology of the decade. TVs, turntables and stereos filled the show floor asCES grew.

In 1970, the VCR was launched at CES, sparking a transformation in the way audiences consumed video content, and a robot greeted attendees on the CES 1974 show floor.

CES also began to attract computer makers, including Apple, by the end of 1970s.



Big hair, shoulder pads and MTV took the world by storm in the 1980s, and a boom in home entertainment led to a wave of new video technologies on the CES show floor.

Before emails and personal computers entered the workforce, home office products like those on display at CES 1985 made life more efficient. The cordless phone revolution made a splash at CES 1989.



The 1990s ushered in some of the beloved technology we still use today. Some of the most notable CES product announcements of CES in 1990s included the DVD and high-definition television.

CES 1993 saw Casio launching its personal digital assistant XL-7000, part of the miniaturization popular in the tech industry then. At CES 1996, attendees raved about the new Motorola StarTac, the first flip phone on the market. And CES 1997 exhibitor AOL was en route to bringing early internet service to life.



Internet gaming is introduced at CES 2001 by Microsoft and Sony, and entertainment is brought to life with the debut of the Blu-ray Disc and HDTV DVR at CES 2003 and 3D HDTV at CES 2009.

Plasma display panels on display at CES 2006 redefined how thin technology could be, and CES 2007 showed off breakthroughs in robotics and intelligent machines.



CES 2011 started the year off with the debut of connected TVs, smart appliances, Android Honeycomb, Ford’s Electric Focus, Motorola Atrix and more.

Eureka Park™, the dedicated startup area of CES, launched in 2012, a year that also saw the beginning of CES Asia.

Companies like John Deere and Impossible Foods took to the CES 2019 floor to show how technology has made its mark in all facets of our lives.


What's to Come

CES 2020 marked the first time an airline delivered a keynote and gave a sneak peek into the launch of Quibi and more.

Though CES 2021 may take on a different look, it is during times of change that ingenuity finds new fuel and will launch a new wave of innovation. We can’t wait to see what tech solutions will premiere on the CES 2021 show floor that will improve our lives.

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