Drones Take Flight at CES 2020

Overview At CES®2020, exhibitors showcased how the next wave of advancements in and applications of drone technology is going to change the way we save lives, increase productivity and document our everyday lives.

Drones represent a revolutionary enhancement to transportation, and the number of drone users — both recreational and professional — have increased dramatically since this new technology took off.

Here are some of the drone technologies showcased at CES 2020.


Sunflower Labs Home Awareness System

Sunflower Labs’ Home Awareness System is a drone security system that patrols properties. The system includes a drone, sensors that are designed to mimic garden lights, and a central processor that stores data collected from the system.

The drone, an autonomous part of the system known as the Bee, has onboard cameras that livestream video to allow users to monitor their homes remotely. Artificial intelligence (AI) learns the property’s routines and alerts users to unusual activity.

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Doosan Mobility Long Endurance Fuel Cell Drone

The world’s first commercial hydrogen fuel cell powerpack for drones, Doosan’s DP30 Powerpack — which earned a Best of CES 2020 Innovation Award in the Drones & Unmanned Systems category — provides more than two hours of flight time and charges in less than 10 minutes.

Doosan anticipates applications for fuel cell drones to include infrastructure inspections, construction and mining surveying, and even distribution.

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Autel’s Evo 2

Autel released its first Evo drone at CES 2018, and returned to CES 2020 to release the Evo 2.

The new drone features the longest battery life of any foldable drone, at 40-minutes of flight time, and also presents a new omni-directional obstacle avoidance ability with 12 computer vision sensors, among other features.

Autel’s AI-enabled systems also creates smart flight paths in real time, and dual-core powered object detection recognizes up to 64 subjects at once.

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PowerVision PowerEgg X

First capturing attention with an underwater drone, which won a CES 2018 Innovation Award, PowerVision returned to CES 2020 to showcase the PowerEgg X. The waterproof PowerEgg X is what the PowerVision team calls a three-in-one camera: an autonomous tabletop selfie camera, a drone camera or a handheld camera.

Using AI algorithms, the PowerEgg X is able to detect faces and track subjects to keep them focused in frame. It is also able to track objects as they move in and out of the drone’s field of view. Users can also attach a hand strap to the PowerEgg to get a traditional camcorder feel from the drone.

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As drones help us take to the air to explore new opportunities in business and industry use cases, the everyday effect of these airborne cameras is quickly expanding to more than just beautiful aerial shots. From entertainment to resilience tech, global drone capabilities are sure to grow in the coming year.

Watch this CES 2020 session about how technologies like drones are helping to address natural disaster preparedness.

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