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Colgate Plaqless™ Pro

Company: Colgate Palmolive

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“The key to good oral health is accurately locating and removing plaque buildup before it turns into a more serious problem,” the Colgate team advised.

But until now, only a dentist has been able to see plaque, leaving most people never knowing whether their teeth-brushing has rid the plaque buildup.

The Colgate Plaqless™ Pro toothbrush is the world’s first toothbrush to incorporate Plaqsense™ technology, which allows you to brush your teeth and know if your teeth are clean through advanced sensors.

To enhance the user experience, the toothbrush also includes a racetrack quadrant timer to help encourage a full two minutes, as recommended, of brushing time. The timer illuminates clockwise in four quadrants along with a light handle vibration, with each quadrant represening a 30-second interval of brushing.


The Tech Behind It

The Plaqsense™ technology is an array of smart optical sensors embedded in the toothbrush head. A blue light ring alerts the user that buildup is detected and turns white when the area is cleaned.

Award-winning AI Powered by Kolibree technology enables brush location tracking in the Colgate Connect™ App, which reports the effectiveness of each brushing session and offers personal coaching to the user to improve technique and results.

With powerful vibrations, the Colgate Plaqless™ Pro is able to deliver a gentle and deep clean.
The structure of the toothbrush houses an advanced printed circuit board that acts as the brains of the Plaqsense™ technology, as well as the gyroscope and accelerometers that deliver advanced location tracking. The handle has an on-board processor that translates plaque buildup readings into signals for the indicator light ring.

From mouth mapping, where you can get an accurate view of your mouth from the inside every time you brush, to coaching modes, the Colgate Plaqless™ Pro helps users take charge of their daily oral hygiene.

See the Colgate Plaqless™ Pro at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Showcase.

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