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Company: Charmcare co., Ltd.

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The H2Care team developed the world’s first truly wearable blood pressure monitor.

The H2-BP is the smallest and lightest blood pressure monitor in the world that can be worn as a watch. With its own app, users can check the necessary data at any time. The H2-BP provides convenience, and a pleasing aesthetic, for a process that could be otherwise troublesome.

The wearable is Korean FDA approved and can measure blood pressure immediately in case of emergencies. Through the app, users are able to see blood pressure values measured in various forms, and they can remotely authorize users such as care providers and doctors to view stored blood pressure values as well.

In addition to blood pressure information, the H2-BP also provides activity tracking, like other activity wearables.


The Tech Behind It

The H2-BP measures blood pressure by applying pressure on the radial artery. Whereas some traditional blood pressure machines press on both the radial and ulnar arteries, receiving two signals and therefore showing potentially unstable or inaccurate measurements, the H2-BP can obtain a clear signal.

The wearable is connected through Bluetooth to an accompanying app, which stores each reading, has the user’s information such as weight, and can be set up with alarms to remind users of medication needs or appointments.

The app also recommends activities and nutrition changes based on blood pressure readings, making it more versatile than traditional blood pressure machines.

The data recorded on the app is analyzed through the system and will show users which factors in their lifestyle have the greatest effect on their blood pressure and recommend actions to take.

The Charmcare team has also developed a blog service through which users can get advice or answers about using the app or wearable.

See H2-BP at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Showcase.

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