Atmosic M3 Battery-Free Bluetooth 5 SoC

Company: Atmosic Technologies

Category: Embedded Technologies


Atmosic’s M3 Battery-Free Bluetooth 5 SoC (M3) enables IoT devices to connect with minimum power usage.

Atmosic aims to provide IoT devices with battery-free or forever-battery features, improving the maintenance of IoT deployments. Because the M3 Bluetooth System on Chip (SoC) consumes so little power, it provides devices with a forever battery life and eliminates the need for battery power.
The solution reduces the environmental impact of batteries and decreases costs and resources of battery maintenance.

Also leveraging energy from thermal, light and mechanical power sources, the M3 allows environmentally friendly connectivity for IoT devices for smart homes, smart cities, health care and agriculture. Some examples include:

  • Smart home: Wireless keyboards, automated door locks, sprinkler systems and more that are equipped with the M3 will work continuously without the need to replace a battery.

  • Medical asset tracking: M3 has the potential to revolutionize health care. Noncritical monitoring devices have become essential to patient care, and M3 can prevent the loss of expensive medical equipment due to beacons suddenly losing power.

  • Agriculture: M3’s capabilities provide a solution for farmers to track crops from the farm to their final destination without needing to stop to charge or change batteries.


The Tech Behind It

To reduce battery dependence for IoT applications, Atmosic developed three technologies:

  • Lowest power radio: Atmosic’s new radio design lowers power usage to a new point that enables energy harvesting as a power source while still maintaining standards compliance.

  • On-demand wake-up: Atmosic implemented two levels of listening devices for their radios, one that provides “radio consciousness,” where the radio is perceiving incoming transmissions, and another that is activated only when there are incoming signals.

  • Managed energy harvesting: This technology harvests power from different sources, minimizing reliance on battery power for IoT devices.

All three technologies are integrated in the M3, enabling it to reduce power utilization to new low levels.

“With these [technology] advances, Atmosic is enabling our vision of forever connectivity, anywhere,” said the Atmosic team.

See the M3 at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Showcase.

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