Where Ideas Come to Life: Eureka Park™ at CES

This article is based in part on a story that originally appeared in It Is Innovation (i3) magazine, published by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®.

Overview At the CES® dedicated area for startups, budding tech dreamers and motivating investors come together to bring the future of technology to the here and now and showcase how entrepreneurial spirit can address challenges of tomorrow.

For more than a decade, startups have convened at the buzzworthy arena of CES’s Eureka Park™, hoping for their big break in the tech industry. In the lively, carnival atmosphere of the world’s largest startup event, hopefuls try to catch the eye of potential partners, investors and Shark Tank casting directors alike.

The dedicated startup space at CES 2020 featured more than 1200 startups and attracted more than 2000 venture capitalists and investors as well as over 6300 members of the media.

“CES has the unique ability for startups and young companies to get exposure to major global brands,” said Mara Lewis, co-founder and CEO, ID8 Innovation, member, CTA Board of Industry Leaders. “The opportunities for venture funding and growth are incredible here.”

The startups at Eureka Park come from more than 50 countries from six continents, including:

  • Belgium.

  • Canada.

  • France.

  • Great Britain.

  • Holland.

  • India.

  • Israel.

  • Singapore.

  • South Korea.

Shark Ready

Eureka Park is also home to veterans and potential stars of the renowned reality TV show Shark Tank, which has reinvigorated entrepreneurship. Among those who have proven to be both CES Ready and Shark Ready are Benjilock, an easy-to-use padlock that opens with a fingerprint and received an investment from Kevin O’Leary, and LED light bulb company Ilumi, which secured a deal with Mark Cuban.

And though not every company lands a spot on TV, Eureka Park exhibitors and alumni have received more than $1.5 billion in funding since 2012, making it known to investors and the media that they have what it takes to be the next big thing.


Ideas that Spark Change

The world’s most promising tech pioneers — and maybe some unicorns — showcase their ingenuity at Eureka Park, set to improve the way we live every day. Some Eureka Park 2020 exhibitors included:

BluArmor: A must for any motorcycle rider, this high-tech helmet offers personalized cooling to keep your rides more comfortable.

HeartHero: Innovative tech can save lives, like this next-generation defibrillator. The device allows anyone the chance to save a life in the case of sudden cardiac arrest.

Roybi: This tiny, education-focused robot teaches kids through games, songs and lessons, improving vocabulary, reading skills and mathematics.

The future of business was on display at Eureka Park 2020, and our newest inventors may soon become some of the biggest names in the industry.

Read more about Eureka Park and meet a few Eureka Park 2020 exhibitors in i3 magazine.

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