Show Floor Tours

Presented by StoryTech®

Make the most of every moment of your time at CES® by taking a show floor tour guided by one of our subject matter experts. Choose from a variety of options presented by our official tour provider, StoryTech®, whose team of industry insiders will help you navigate your way through the latest technology trends that will have lasting impact on your business. StoryTech tours are designed and curated specifically for senior level executives from a wide range of organizations including retail and entertainment, advertising and marketing, as well as business services and investors. 

Led by StoryTech® experts, these walking interactive sessions will cover the leading tech and behavioral trends of 2023, and help you build valuable, profitable and relevant relationships with your customers, clients and audience.

All StoryTech tours include:

  • 15-minute interactive briefing session 
  • Beverages
  • Digital copy of StoryTech’s coveted CES® Five Trends paper

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This year, StoryTech is featuring the new Metaverse Combo Tour.

And returning in 2023, category tours focused on specific interests including:

  • The Automotive Tour (in the new LVCC West Hall)
  • The Start Up Tour
  • The Healthcare Tour

StoryTech Official Show Floor Tours are:


Your experience is designed around what matters to your company and your clients. Built for content creators, brands, media companies and agencies.


Tour Tech East, Tech West or both!


The VIP Tours are built around the key trends of 2023 as determined by StoryTech® in partnership with CES®.


  • A 1.5 to 3-hour tour led by StoryTech® senior strategists
  • A 15-minute TechLife® briefing on the key trends for 2023
  • A 15-minute debrief and action item agenda
  • Refreshments
  • Secure Conference Room




$995 per person

Tech East is where will see innovations in content creation and distribution, cameras, display technology, immersive tech, wireless, and dive into health and wellness.  If you want an overview of the big consumer brands and how they will affect your day-to-day life, this tour is for you.

LVCC North,Central and South halls



Venetian Expo

$995 per person

Tech West encompasses revolutions in the Internet of Things (IoT), smart home and other high-growth technologies changing the way we live, work and play.  

Here you’ll see established companies and start-ups in 3D printing, education and technology, robotics, and more.  If you want exposure to the companies and categories driving innovation and a glimpse into the future of home, this tour is for you. 

Venetian Upper and Lower.


The Automotive Tour 


$995 per person

This tour will focus on transportation and vehicle technology exhibits at CES--now one of the largest car shows in the world. Featuring many of the world’s leading automakers, the tour will include automotive tech, car audio, drones, renewable energy, and autonomous driving technology.  If you want to know the latest about what’s happening in mobility, this tour is for you!

LVCC West Hall 

The Start Up Tour

Venetian Expo

$995 per person

Featuring over 700 startups showcasing their new ideas and addressing needs across every industry, the “Start Up Tour” is where it all begins. If you’re looking to be inspired by startups, learn about debuting products, find investors, and forge partnerships, then this tour is for you!

Venetian Lower

The Healthcare Tour 


$995 per person

This tour will feature applications and technology behind the latest in health care and wellness technology.   The tour will highlight solutions for remote patient visits, biosensors, sleep and baby tech plus a range of other gadgetry that can help people avoid doctors' offices and waiting rooms. If you’re interested in the latest tools and technologies that empower and enhance people's lives via digital health care, then this tour is for you!

LVCC North Hall 

Not Just Lunch Tour – Combo 

LVCC and Venetian Expo

$1495 per person

Lunch Complimentary 

We cover the key exhibitors and trends that are most relevant to your business at both Tech East and Tech West locations.  Transportation will be provided between venues.    

LVCC Central and North Halls, Venetian Upper and Lower 

The Metaverse Tour- Combo

LVCC & Venetian Expo 

$1495 per person

Lunch Complimentary
We cover the key exhibitors and trends that will spotlight the most impactful developments that have taken root recently across industries, technologies, and capabilities in the Web3, Metaverse, and Blockchain space.  This tour will highlight the new Web3/Metaverse/Blockchain Studio Lounge in Tech East and as well as feature exhibitors focused on similar technologies and capabilities in Tech West locations.  Transportation will be provided between venues.   
LVCC Central, North, Venetian Upper and Lower

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