Success at CES 2024: The Key Is Prep

Overview Senior leaders from CTA, which owns and producers CES, share insights on how to get business done at the show. Find out what you should prioritize for building your profile and making valuable connections when you’re in Las Vegas this January.

Whether you’ve been coming to CES for years or this will be your first time at the show, be prepared. As CES veterans know, the world’s most powerful tech event offers more than a person can take in on a single pass through the show’s many Las Vegas venues. To make the most of your experience, you’ll need to plan.
Our CES senior leaders know a lot about getting the most out of CES, and they want every attendee to profit from their experience. To that end, here are their insights for success at the show.

Jacqueline Black, VP, Conferences

Carefully schedule your time.
CES exhibits and conferences extend across multiple venues, beyond just the Las Vegas Convention Center. You’ll need to plan what you want to do and see every day. If you focus on a specific hall each day, you can probably make better use of your time than you would by going back and forth. Also, we have a great schedule building tool in the mobile app that will help you prioritize and schedule conferences and events. Download the app for your iOS or Android device to help you navigate the show.
Use our topic navigation pages to learn about exhibits, conference programming and events on subjects ranging from AI to robotics, smart home, sustainability, vehicle tech, digital health and much more.

Kinsey Fabrizio, Sr. VP, CES & Membership

Tech is compressing distances and delays, but Vegas will still be packed.
CES 2023 attracted more than 115,000 attendees from across the United States and around the globe, so you’re likely to have a lot of enthusiastic company. With conferences, exhibits and events spread across more than two million square feet citywide, anticipate some congestion. Plan extra time to get to meetings and sessions.
And be sure to take advantage of the Las Vegas Loop. It’s free, convenient and very fast. Just use any of several access points for a two-to-three-minute car ride underground between halls and other Las Vegas locations. Keep in mind that it’s about a 25-minute walk from the West Hall to the North/Central Hall. With the Loop, you’ll get there in about two minutes. Thanks to the Loop’s great design and efficiency, wait times for the next available car is typically less than four minutes.  Learn more about the Vegas Loop and all the other transportation options available during the show.

John T. Kelley, VP, CES Show Director

Make a lasting impression.
Are you an exhibitor looking for investors? A manufacturer seeking buyers? A startup or entrepreneur seeking inspiration and partners? Coming prepared and having a clear plan that defines what you intend to accomplish at CES will ensure a successful show. This means that you might have to tailor your message to the audience you wish to connect with. If you’re part of a CTA member company, you may be eligible for invaluable networking at CES 2024 through CTA Match. The program pairs entrepreneurs with established investors and corporations through a curated matchmaking process. While CTA Match is now closed for CTA 2024, it’s never too soon to plan for the next show. You’ll engage in one-on-one connections while you’re at CES in January. Also, exhibitors have access to the pre-registered press list, free and online in your company’s exhibitor dashboard. If you’re exhibiting, use the list to schedule media meetings so you can make a powerful impression on your target industry reporters and analysts when they see what you’re bringing to CES.
You may make dozens of contacts very quickly while you’re at the show, but those interactions will probably be brief. If you have ten minutes with someone, make that time count. The CES 2024 Mobile App has a handy notes feature to help you remember what you talked about.

Gary Shapiro, President and CEO

Expect the unexpected.
Be open to surprises. Explore what’s less familiar. Visit sections of the show that you haven’t seen before. If you’ve never left the Convention Center, you may be missing out on the next big thing at Eureka Park or C Space. Reach out to people you don’t know. Chance encounters at CES have resulted in countless business opportunities over the years. Check out CES success stories to see how businesses have benefitted from their CES experiences. Download the CES app to more easily manage your agenda and networking activities.
Keep track of contacts, and take notes.
CES days are busy ones. It’s easy to mislay contact information and intel. Get business cards at a minimum. Make a note on the card about why you asked for it. Remember that in some cultures it’s important to ask first before writing on the person’s card. Take photos of booths and products that impressed you. Then use your plane ride home to organize your experiences and contacts so you can follow up when you’re back in the office. If you missed a session or keynote, videos of these and other show highlights are available on demand.   

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